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best low-light indoor plants An Expert SharesFeaturedRecent
October 15, 2019

An Expert Shares Which Indoor Plants are Best for Your Home

Whether you're shopping for a housewarming gift, something special to send off with your new college freshman, or something to bring a little life to your desk, houseplants are perennially popular. They're an…
patio decorating ideas for your backyard An Expert SharesFeaturedRecent
October 8, 2019

An Expert Shares How to Upgrade Your Patio and Backyard

True confession time: I have a serious crush on Yard Crashers' Chris Lambton. It's not so much that he's hot. It's the way he comes in and totally transforms a barren…
how to choose the right concealer An Expert SharesFeaturedRecent
October 1, 2019

An Expert Explains How to Choose the Best Concealer

The right concealer can brighten your face, make you look younger, and smooth out uneven spots in your complexion. It's one of the most important makeup essentials. Finding the right concealer…


great gift idea - car seat back organizer Daily Gift HappyFeaturedRecentShopping Deals
October 17, 2019

Car Seat Back Organizer To Help Clean Those Cars

When it comes to our vehicles, we may not keep the inside of it as clean as we do our homes. Most of us can also name a friend or…
great gift idea - arch support boots Daily Gift HappyFeaturedRecentShopping Deals
October 15, 2019

Arch Support Boots That Are Too Cute Not To Have For Fall

With fall weather comes more and more layers you need to not freeze. But just because you're putting away your t-shirts and sandals for the season, it does not mean…
great-gift-idea-dangling-earrings Daily Gift HappyFeaturedRecentShopping Deals
September 26, 2019

Make Her Smile With These Vintage Dangling Earrings

When it comes to making your loved one smile from a gift, it's hard to go wrong with jewelry, right? Since many ladies (and even some men) love to get…

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gifts for your boss FeaturedGift IdeasRecent
October 12, 2019

How to Give Your Boss a Gift That Will Get You Promoted

The first question to ask yourself before choosing a gift for your boss is the most basic one—should you do it? The answer to that depends on a number of…
december holiday gifts unique FeaturedGift IdeasRecent
October 5, 2019

Treat Yourself With These 8 December Holiday Gifts

December is the biggest gift-giving month of the year, with a number of major holidays where gifts are exchanged. December is also chock-full of holidays that aren't Christmas, Kwanzaa, or…
gifts for cold people hero Gift IdeasRecent
October 2, 2019

7 Gift Ideas for Your Friend Who Is Always Cold

We all have that friend who wears three layers too many and still isn’t warm. Even on a balmy summer day the struggle—and shivers—are real. Rather than constantly blasting the…

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