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best gifts for cats

Unlike dogs, cats may seem less enthusiastic about receiving gifts, but if you listen closely, you’ll hear their purrs of joy. If you have a special feline friend in your life, here are six of the best gifts for cats to help them feel cozy and keep them entertained. From catnip to a cat bed, these feline-friendly treats are sure to make your cat feel loved.

1. Catnip


Get it on Amazon for around $10

You can’t go wrong with catnip. Also known as catmint, catnip is a perennial herb from the mint family labiatae, which contains nepetalactone, an essential oil that cats love. A typical response to catnip includes sniffing, chewing, licking, and body rubbing. The “high” lasts between five to ten minutes. This bag of catnip is 100% natural and also relieves stomach discomfort. Simply sprinkle a little catnip on toys or on a scratch post, or go all-out and purchase a bed that comes with catnip or a massage device filled with the irresistible treat. There are also a variety of catnip toys to choose from.

2. Toy Laser


Get it on Amazon for around $10

If you’ve ever seen your cat chase a fly around a room, you can guess how much fun a toy laser would be. Shaped like a paw, the toy allows the user to enjoy hours of fun by simply pressing a button. Watch your cat follow the red laser around the room as he attempts to catch his prey. Or make the game extra-enticing with this LED laser, which enables your cat to chase a disappearing mouse around the room. This toy is especially appealing to energetic kittens.

3. Cat Tree


Get it on Amazon for around $60

Prefer more hands-off entertainment? This cat tree, or cat tower, provides space for your cat to climb, stretch out, scratch and sleep. Made of wood, sword rope, and premium lamb’s wool, the tree is durable, soft, and more importantly, stable for your cat’s enjoyment and safety. Its bright blue color also makes it an appealing addition to your living room.

4. Scratchboard 


Get it on Amazon for around $20

Keep your cat’s claws manicured with a scratchboard that doubles as an entertaining toy. This corrugated cat toy comes U-shaped or heart-shaped and pairs a scratch surface with hidden toys. Watch your cat groom, chase, and work off energy with this all-in-one cat gift.

5. Cat Bed


Get it on Amazon for around $22

Cats spend more than half the day asleep, so make sure they feel comfy with their very own cat bed. This plush bed has a roof to keep them tucked away during their snooze, while this cat hammock lets them swing in style. Are you the proud owner of a hairless cat? Keep them toasty with the help of this pet self-heating mat.

6. Feline Clothing


Get it on Amazon for around $11

Speaking of toasty, a cat sweater is the perfect way to keep your feline companion warm in winter months. Like to dress your cat up in the summer, too? Go for a cat t-shirt instead.

Now that you’ve scored a perfect cat gift, why not treat yourself? If you’re crazy about cats, here are some gifts for cat lovers to bring out your own purr.

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Erica Garza is an author and essayist from Los Angeles. Her writing has appeared in TIME, Health, Glamour, Good Housekeeping, Women’s Health, and VICE.

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