housewarming gift ideas they'll actually appreciate

Whether you’re showing up for a housewarming party or dropping by for a first visit, bringing a housewarming gift lets you show your love, but you don’t want to give your friend something they’ll hide in a closet, right? Check out these suggestions for housewarming gift ideas your friends will actually appreciate and use nearly every day.

1. Welcome Them Home

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Stylish and practical: Isn’t that exactly the note you want your housewarming gift to hit? Welcome mats don’t have to be boring just because they serve the most mundane of all purposes. The right welcome mat not only keeps dirt outside where it belongs, but also gives the front doorstep a flash of personality. Give it that extra personal touch by starting with a blank coir mat — or one with a nice frame around a blank center — and stencil on the family name on it with high-quality indoor-outdoor spray paint.

2. Refresh Their Home

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Essential oils don’t just smell pretty: They can help enhance the mood in a home, help you sleep at night, and help you concentrate and focus. Pack up a stash of the most useful essential oils in a pretty gift box or basket. Add a diffuser that doubles as an ultrasonic humidifier and night light and you’ve got a housewarming gift they’ll use daily.

3. Gourmet Their Greens

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Nothing says gourmet quite like fresh herbs in your omelet or sprinkled on your pizza, but not everyone has the time—or space—to devote to a full herb garden. Here’s a housewarming gift that will get them started on a taste journey: a pair of eco pots and plants to fill them with. These sleek little planters are designed to stick to the wall, taking up very little space—maybe right in that spot where the sun shines through the window? They’re self-watering, too, so they require minimal care to keep that basil, parsley or lemon balm growing through all the seasons.

4. Stock Their Kitchen

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The right tools make everything easier, and that’s doubly true in the kitchen. If your giftee is just starting out, they’ll appreciate a set of kitchen basics. For more accomplished cooks, have fun putting together more specialized gadgets in a themed basket or container. Some ideas include the Fruit Artist (melon baller, apple corer, garnish set, and lemon zester) or the Creative Baker (an assortment of silicone baking molds and cookware).

5. Get Them Tools


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If you’ve ever tried to hammer a nail with the heel of a shoe, you know the struggle. There will always be little things jobs around the house: a picture to be hung on the wall or the kitchen chair that wobbles because the screws are loose. When you buy a basic toolkit as a housewarming gift, you’re giving the gift of self-sufficiency. Make it fancy by grabbing a tool belt and filling it with a hammer, wrench, screwdrivers and tape measure.

6. Give Them Something Cozy


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No one has enough snuggly blankets. A cozy blanket will keep them warm when they turn down the heat — and it might even promote snuggling. If you know their color scheme, pick a comfy throw that will coordinate with their furniture, or choose a neutral that will fit in any room. They’ll think of you warmly on those chilly nights.

7. Brighten Their Lives


Get it on Amazon for around $10

Give them a gift that lets them set the scene: color-changing LED color-changing light bulb. Programmable LED light bulbs screw into standard light sockets. Most can be adjusted by remote control or a phone app. Choose one that offers cool and warm light settings for maximum flexibility, or if you’re the DIY type, invest in color-changing LED strip lighting with wireless control and install it for them.

The best housewarming gifts help turn a house into a home. These seven gift ideas are guaranteed to be used frequently and truly appreciated by the new homeowner.

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Deb Powers is a freelance writer living and working in Massachusetts. She writes frequently about health, wellness, and lifestyle topics.

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