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Surprise your sweetheart with an anniversary gift that brings out all the feels. You’ve been scouring the internet looking for unique anniversary gifts, but everything you find is either old hat or, well, just not all that romantic. Check out these eight classically romantic anniversary gift ideas with a personal twist to help you wow the one you love.

1. Give Them the World…

anniversary gift ideas - world map necklace

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… or at least a trip to somewhere special. Be on the lookout for special travel deals to their favorite places. You can get good prices and lots of privacy if you book off-season in resort towns or plan a midweek getaway. For gift-giving, wrap up tickets or a printed trip itinerary and present it with a vintage antique world map pendant to let them know you’re giving them the world—one trip at a time.

2. Book a Photo Shoot

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If your wedding was the last time you had professional photos, it’s time to do it again. A photo shoot with a local photographer can be surprisingly affordable. You can spend the afternoon in the studio or opt for a location shoot at places that have been meaningful in your relationship. Later, spend time together looking over the proofs to choose the perfect portrait shot to hang on your wall or carry in your wallet.

3. Expand Your Horizons


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Give the anniversary gift that lasts a lifetime — gift them a couples class in something you both enjoy. Many cities offer adult evening classes in a wide range of hobbies and avocations. Check with local businesses for events like a wine tasting or a coffee pairing. Cooking classes are especially popular for couples, and some instructors even create special menus for couples who take the class together. Whatever you decide, add a complimentary gift so you can continue your exploration at home.

4. Flowers for a Year

anniversary gift ideas - glass vase

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Want to really make a splash? Send flowers to your bae’s office — every month. Most florists will let you schedule and pre-pay for weekly or monthly flower deliveries, or arrange for monthly billing. You can choose their favorite flowers or let the florist choose seasonal blooms. And this one isn’t just for the ladies: Guys love getting flowers, too. The attractive vase on their desk will inspire break room chatter for a least a month.

5. Give Them the Time of Day


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Let your special someone know you’ve always got time for them. A watch is a classic anniversary gift, but you don’t have to opt for a classic style. Pick a style that suits their personality, pay homage to their hometown sports favorite, or let her know she’s your Wonder Woman. If they like a more formal look, look for luxury watches. Help them achieve their fitness goals with a watch that doubles as a fitness tracker.

6. Put a Ring on It

anniversary gift ideas - rings

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BFF rings aren’t just for tween girls anymore. One of the hottest trends lately is coordinating not-wedding rings engraved with classic couple themes. We’ve seen His Queen matched with Her King, His Beauty with Her Beast, His One and Her Only, and — a personal favorite — His Crazy and Her Weirdo. Of course, you’re not limited to what you can find already made. Buy a pair of matching bands and have them engraved to suit your relationship.

7. The Couple That Games Together

anniversary gift ideas - video game console

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Forget that MMORPG life. Remember bonding over the classic original video games of the ’80s? Package up a popcorn popper and an old-school game console—complete with 500 retro video games—and settle in for hours of fun together. Ever since Nintendo released its retro SNES console with built-in games, game night has taken on a whole new meaning. Most sets come with two controllers so you can play against each other, or you can take turns putting Super Mario and Luigi through their paces.

8. Write Your Love Story


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It doesn’t get more romantic than this. Gather all your mementos, photos and memories and craft them into the story of your romance. All it takes is a vintage photo album or scrapbook, your time, those tickets from your first concert, the photo of the two of you at the lake — you get the idea. Arrange them in the album, complete with catchy captions and inside jokes, and wrap it all up in a handcrafted cover. If you want to get really fancy, you can pretty the pages with washi tape borders and decorate with colored markers. The end result? A priceless memory for the two of you to share.

The best anniversary gift ideas are ones that have heart. Take a classic anniversary gift and give it a personal twist to make it something they’ll want to show off to everyone.

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Deb Powers is a freelance writer living and working in Massachusetts. She writes frequently about health, wellness, and lifestyle topics.

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