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things to know when moving out of apartment

Moving out of your apartment can be an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming, especially when it comes to packing and transporting items. There are many things to know when moving out to make the process as uncomplicated as possible, including the names of moving companies (if it’s in your budget) or where to get the best deal on a moving truck. One thing, though, is certain: You’re going to need some moving supplies. Whether you put off packing to the very last minute or pack little by little over time to lessen the burden on moving day, here are nine helpful items to help you get your precious items from point A to B.

1. Storage Bins

things to know when moving out - storage bins

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While you may be tempted to run down to your local supermarket for some discarded cardboard boxes or buy some new ones to assemble, consider opting for durable and reusable plastic storage bins if you’re moving food, clothes, or delicate items. Cardboard boxes run the risk of falling apart during the move if items are too heavy or becoming infested with bugs. Cardboard boxes can still be handy though, so don’t count them out altogether.

2. Tape Gun

things to know when moving out - tape gun

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Sealing the cardboard boxes you do use is crucial. To keep items inside safe from external factors, invest in a quality tape gun, which will let you seal boxes quickly and efficiently. Tape guns are likely to come in handy later should you ever move again.

3. Box Cutter

things to know when moving out - box cutter

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There’s little worse than arriving at your destination after a successful move and not being able to open your boxes to unpack your things. To cut through the quality tape you used to seal your boxes, use a heavy duty box cutter with a retractable blade.

4. Moving Blankets

things to know when moving out - moving blankets

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Moving blankets are invaluable for protecting your larger items, such as sofas, kitchen tables, and even mattresses. Simply drape them over the item and you don’t have to worry about damaging corners and edges when the item inevitably gets bumped along the way.

5. Forklift Straps

things to know when moving out - forklift straps

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Give your knees and back a break with the help of forklift straps, which loop around forearms to lift with ease. From oversized couches to wardrobes to washing machines, your heavy items are a breeze to pick up and transport, even if you stopped lifting at the gym months ago.

6. Bubble Wrap

things to know when moving out - bubble wrap

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When it comes to fragile housewares, such as fine china and glassware, wrap them in bubble wrap to prevent damage during moving. Be sure to pack items with the bubbles facing out and use leftover wrap as a cushion in half-empty boxes.

7. Tool Kit

things to know when moving out - toolbox

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Chances are you’ll need to have some tools handy to disassemble items like cabinets or desks and reassemble when you get to your new home. Invest in a basic set of tools with everything from an Allen wrench to a screwdriver.

8. Bungee Cords

things to know when moving out - bungee cords

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When loading items onto the back of a pickup truck or strapping to the top of your car, keep everything in place with the help of bungee cords. You can even use them inside a vehicle to keep boxes from tumbling when you take sharp corners.

9. First Aid Kit

things to know when moving out - first aid kit

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Nothing stops your moving momentum like an injury, no matter how small it is. Whether you graze a knee or get a papercut, a first aid kit can quickly put you back together again so you can finish the job. Be sure your kit has adhesive bandages, wet wipes, and tweezers, so not even a splinter can get in your way. 

Once you’ve moved in and unpacked your things, you can refocus your attention on decorating your home. If you plan on having a housewarming party soon, be sure to put these items on your wish list.

Move out of your apartment easily with these items:

  1. Plastic storage bins
  2. Quality tape gun
  3. Heavy duty box cutter
  4. Moving blankets
  5. Forklift straps
  6. Bubble wrap
  7. Basic set of tools
  8. Bungee cords
  9. First aid kit

Prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


Erica Garza is an author and essayist from Los Angeles. Her writing has appeared in TIME, Health, Glamour, Good Housekeeping, Women’s Health, and VICE.

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