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90s themed gifts

As crazy as it seems, but it has been 30 years since 1990 began. 30 years? How is that even possible? It is, but those ’90s kids need some love. The perfect way to do that is share some love with them when giving them these 90s themed gifts. From scrunchies to neon and spandex, the 90s were a time to shine for many people and they would love bringing all those things back into their lives.

1 – Mad Libs

90s themed gifts - mad libs

Get it on Amazon for around $5

Was there anything more fun to do than Mad Libs? They are still going strong, so get this sleepover edition and let the fun times continue! When the ghost stories were done and the pizza all eaten, it was time to make up stories using Mad Libs. Just add a noun or verb or whatever word they are looking for and let the fun begin!

2 – Tiger Handheld Game

90s themed gifts - tiger handheld game

Get it on Amazon for around $15

If you were a kid growing up in the 90s, then you played one of these handheld games. They came in all different styles and themes, from bowling and cards to this Little Mermaid game. You look at video games now and wonder how these were even a thing, but sit down and play it for a little while and you will be hooked. This is a 90s themed gift every 90s kid will love!

3 – Glitter Sunscreen

90s themed gifts - glitter sunscreen

Get it on Tophatter for around $20

A perfect way to sum up the 1990s would be glitter. At some point in your life, you used body glitter and it probably came in a roll-on bottle. That’s why this 90s themed gift is perfect, as it lets you rub that glitter into your body, while at the same time helping to fight off the sun. This glitter sunscreen will not disappoint.

Help brighten a ’90s kid day and share some love (and these gifts) with them. It will make everyone happy!

Shop your 90s themed gifts right here:

  1. Mad Libs
  2. Little Mermaid Handheld Game
  3. Glitter Sunscreen

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