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what are fun activities for adults

Is staying in driving you up the wall? Historical figures such as Isaac Newton or Shakespeare might have thrived under lockdown, producing some of their greatest work in isolation. For most of us, however, being stuck at home means going stir crazy or becoming increasingly bored with the same walls to look at. If that sounds familiar, try these fun activities to stimulate your mind, imagination, and even your circulation. Best of all, our list doesn’t require a single TV, laptop, or smartphone.

Play Traditional Family Puzzles and Board Games

what to do when you're bored - four in a row board game

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How did our ancestors pass away long evenings by candlelight without going crazy? They told stories and played games. And when it comes to traditional games and puzzles to beat boredom, we are spoiled for choice. Here are the go-to favorites for fun:

Your Board Game Starter Pack

what to do when you're bored - poker dice

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Get Creative With Craft

what to do when you're bored - leathercraft set

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Sometimes it’s tempting to assume that we only know how to do what we’ve already mastered. Use time at home to explore some new crafts and you might unleash some unexpected creative talents. The secret is to cast a wide net. Sample a new craft each week and don’t get hung up on trying to perfect those that don’t capture your imagination. Here are some satisfying, fun, activities for adults:

Try your hand at these

what to do when you're bored - drawing set

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Have Fun Getting Fit at Home

what to do when you're bored - yoga mat

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The average American watches almost eight hours of TV a day. Imagine if you could turn just some of those hours spent on the couch into some light cardiovascular activity. There’s no need to miss your favorite shows either — all these activities can be completed in the living room. Just clear some space, slip into something comfortable and work up a sweat.

what to do when you're bored - massage balls

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Work the stress and tightness out your body with a simple yoga mat and some stretches, or work on your posture with a little bouncing on an inflatable yoga ball. Time at home is great for eliminating the knots and tension that build up in the office. All you need is a set of massage balls to get the chakra flowing. Want to bulk up and tone a little at home? Start off with a beginner set of weights and increase the load as you grow.

Learn a New Skill

what to do when you're bored - knife set

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When did you ever see your grandparents or elders complaining of boredom? The Greatest Generation were always busy! Use the time at home to develop a few basic essential skills and you’ll never have to call in the experts again. If you want to try your hand at cooking and feel like a pro from the start, invest in a set of ceramic knives and a silicone utensil set. Getting into gardening? You can grow your own vegetables and herbs at home with an indoor farming LED lamp or get more artistic with Bonsai pruning scissors and a bush. Want to save yourself some money in the future? Practice some home maintenance with a home repair tool kit to build up your DIY skills.

what to do when you're bored - plant growth light

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Of course, one person’s definition of fun might be another’s recipe for torment, but we stand by these four activities as a way to beat boredom. Each one encourages you to take control of your time at home rather than allowing it to pass by.

Shop activity ideas:

  1. Four in a Row
  2. Sudoku
  3. Poker dice
  4. Risk
  5. Monopoly
  6. Chess set
  7. Leathercraft kit
  8. Cross-stitch and sewing kit
  9. Drawing set
  10. Artist’s drawing set
  11. Sewing machine
  12. Yoga mat
  13. Yoga ball
  14. Massage balls
  15. Hand weights
  16. Set of ceramic knives
  17. Silicone kitchen utensil set
  18. LED lamp
  19. Bonsai pruning scissors
  20. Home repair tool kit

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