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Do you have a friend who is allergic to housework and cleaning? You know—the one who has to move things off a chair for you to sit whenever you drop by, or who always has a sink full of dishes that she cleared off the coffee table just before you arrived. If you’re looking for gifts that will help her clean up her act, you can’t do better than these cleaning and organization gifts.

A Cute Desktop Mini Vacuum

organization gifts - mini vacuum cleaner

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No one likes a crummy desktop. This adorable little handheld kitty vacuum is the perfect antidote for that problem. It’s ideal for snuffling up cookie and bread crumbs or giving your keyboard a quick cleaning. Keep one on the kitchen table for quick pickups that keep the crumbs off the floor, or on the bedside table to hide the evidence of your late-night cookie crunching. The battery is rechargeable.

A Genius Silverware Cleaner

organization gifts - cutlery sink cleaner

Get it on Amazon for around $9

Washing the silverware has never been easier. The ingenious two-sided cleaner mounts on the side of your sink with a suction cup, so it’s always handy to clean forks, knives, and other eating utensils. The brushes get in between fork tines and keep your fingers away from knife blades. Whether you add it to a DIY gift basket or give it as a standalone gift, it’s sure to be appreciated every time your friend washes dishes.

A Dustpan That Cleans the Broom

organization gifts - broom and dustpan set

Get it on Tophatter for around $29

Sweeping up is bad enough without having to clean all the pet hair, dust, and stuff out of the broom bristles when you’re done. That’s not a problem when your dustpan has teeth! This broom and dustpan set features an adjustable length handle on the broom—ideal if you happen to have little helpers willing to do the work for you—and a stand up dustpan with a toothed edge to clean the yuk off the broom bristles so your friend doesn’t have to get her hands dirty. The broom and dustpan clip together, so you can stand them in the corner.An extra regular dustpan and brush are included.

A Versatile Mini Blind Duster

organization gifts - blinds cleaner

Get it on Tophatter for around $10

Window blinds are notorious dust collectors—and notoriously annoying to clean. Even spic-and-span housekeeping mavens hate dusting the blinds—but this little tool makes cleaning the blinds a breeze. They’re labeled “blind duster,” but they come in handy for so many little tasks, from cleaning air conditioner vents (those get so grody so quickly!) to getting between the keys on the keyboard. The microfiber dusting cloths pull off so you can toss them in the washer, and the mini-brush on the other end is flexible enough to get into tight spots.

A Liner to Keep the Oven Clean

organization gifts - oven liners

Get it on Tophatter for around $19

Is there a job worse than cleaning the oven? For the friend that loves to cook but hates to clean, the best gift is one that saves work, like these non-stick oven liners that keep spills from baking onto the oven floor. Place one on the bottom of the oven and when you’re done cooking, pull it out and wipe the non-stick surface clean. It’s so much easier than scrubbing the oven.

Storage Ottomans to Hide the Mess

organization gifts - storage ottoman

Get it on Tophatter for around $74

Storage ottomans are great organizer gifts—not only do they help you get organized, they make an ideal hiding spot for the clutter when surprise guests call to say they’re on their way—and they even provide extra seating. These nesting ottomans are so stylish that no one will ever guess they’re hiding a week’s worth of laundry and old newspapers.

A Robot to Wash the Floor

organization gifts - vacuum robot cleaner

Get it on Tophatter for around $159

Move over, Roomba. This awesome robot does more than vacuum. It can sweep and mop the floor. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who hates trying to get under the kitchen table with the broom and wet mop. It can even get into those hard to reach places, like around the toilet. Could there be a better gift for a friend who hates housework? 

Short of hiring a housekeeper, this batch of gifts is sure to make house cleaning easier and more fun for your housework hating pal. While you’re at it, grab a double for yourself. After all, don’t you deserve a hand with the housework, too?

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Deb Powers is a freelance writer who specializes in home, education, and lifestyle topics. She draws on her experiences as a teacher, mother, grandmother, and all-around creative spirit to help others achieve their own goals.

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