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staycation ideas

Not able to get to your favorite vacation spot this year? Maybe the solution is already on your doorstep. With most of us planning on staying home this year instead of traveling, perhaps it’s time to explore the benefits of a staycation. The food is great, the accommodation is free, and there’s the opportunity to hang out with some wonderful people: your family! Follow our tips on planning the ultimate staycation in your backyard.

Camping Under the Stars

staycation ideas - family camping tent

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Those hammock-in-the-wilderness shots might look great on Instagram, but camping is even better when there’s a bathroom, fridge or shower just a few feet away. Set up your backyard camping ground and savor the sunshine by day and the galaxy by night. All you need is a family tent to keep the bugs out, and an inflatable lounger or couch for some long, lazy summer days. Don’t forget to post your best staycation selfies online.

Hit the Beach

staycation ideas - inflatable water slide

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Hold the Hamptons, there’s a new hotspot in town. Skip the holiday traffic and take the short journey on foot to your yard for a beach getaway. Fill the cooler, throw down some blankets and don’t forget the suntan lotion. Cool off with regular dips in an inflatable swimming pool and keep the little ones busy with the chance to slide and splash in an inflatable water slide.

Backyard Activities for the Family

staycation ideas - portable bbq grill

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When you’re with friends and family, does the vacation destination really matter? You can create your own resort in the backyard. What could be better than a plate loaded with summer classics off a portable BBQ grill, and perhaps the chance to wind down in front of an outdoor movie? Just rig up your fire stick or laptop to this projector for outdoor use. Play together as a family with some beach games to while away the hours. You’ll need a gymnastics tumbling mat if the yard is drying out and turning hard.

No Yard? Indoor Staycation Ideas

staycation ideas - manicure set

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If you’re reading this in an apartment block or city studio and fuming, don’t panic. It’s perfectly easy to bring the staycation indoors. Turn your living room into the wellness spa you’ve dreamed of with some enchanting music, a healthy smoothie and plenty of pampering. Start with a manicure and pedicure kit for nails to be proud of, and stretch out the stress with a yoga mat. When night falls, turn the room into Club Tropicana with our LED Disco Projector and bring the family together for happy hour.

staycation ideas - disco projector

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Why blow your budget on a family vacation when you can blow up your own pool, chairs and water slide instead without leaving home? Surprise yourself.  It may well be the most enjoyable family trip you’ve taken in years. 

Shop Staycation Equipment:

  1. Family tent
  2. Lounger or couch – Inflatable
  3. Inflatable swimming pool
  4. Inflatable water slide
  5. Portable BBQ grill
  6. Outdoor projector
  7. Gymnastics tumbling mat
  8. Goodminton racquet set
  9. Indoor disco projector
  10. Manicure and pedicure set
  11. Yoga mat

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