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So far, 2020 has been a heck of a year, and a little reward in the form of self-care can serve as a much-needed escape from the stress of it all. If you’re looking to amp up your self-care routine without breaking the bank, bath time is the perfect place to start. From billowing bubbles to scented salts, luxury bath accessories can turn your humble bathroom into a spa-like oasis. So treat yourself to some of the following items that are sure to leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face the rest of the year.

1. Candles

bath accessories - flameless candles

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When it comes to setting the right mood for your at-home spa retreat, nothing beats a candlelight bath. So start by stocking up on candles that will create a warm, soft ambience. From aromatherapy candles available in your favorite scents to flameless candles that allow you to enjoy bath time without worrying about accidentally setting your loofah aflame, the options are endless—and sure to transform a basic bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary.

2. Bluetooth Speaker

bath accessories - bluetooth speaker

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Invest in a Bluetooth speaker so you can play some spa music or calming tunes while you bathe. Another option is to prop up your laptop or phone on a stool or chair to catch up on the latest episodes of your favorite TV show from the comfort of your bubble bath. If you prefer, bring a good book with you to the bathroom to get some reading done while you soak.

3. Bath Sponge

bath accessories - bath sponge

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Both practical and durable, bath sponges are a must-have for any bath connoisseur. Made out of mesh, they can be used with both shower gel and soap to create foam that will clean you from head to toe without damaging your skin. Use them for both bathtub soaks and quick showers alike.

4. Bath Salts

bath accessories - bath salts

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Unwind after a long day by breaking out some bath salts from this collection of gemstone and herbal salt bath blends. Showcasing a blend of citrus and spice scents, Bokek from the Dead Sea, and natural elements like herbs and dried fruits, these salts were designed to draw out impurities, detoxify skin, and brighten and balance one’s energies.

5. Bubbles

bath accessories - bubble bath

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Bubbles are an undisputed necessity for any bath. Fill the tub up with some bubbles to bring back fond childhood memories—who knows, the relaxing end result just might make you feel like a kid (or at least a kid at heart) again. And it’s guaranteed to leave your skin feeling fresh and brand-new.

6. Bath Bombs

bath accessories - bath bomb

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For a nighttime routine that will undoubtedly leave you feeling high on life, opt for a lavender-scented, hemp oil-infused bath bomb. Designed to add soothing oils and scents to your bathwater, these baseball-sized bath bombs will restore and rejuvenate you. Experiment with different types and scents so you can find your go-to favorite.

7. Bath Scrubs

bath accessories - body scrub

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Exfoliate and smooth your skin by using a bath scrub. From floral scents to French fragrances, bath scrubs will soften and nourish your skin. You can even try your hand at making your own so you can get in on the fun—and dream up some original scents in the process! 

8. Bathtub Wine Glass Cup Holder

bath accessories - bathtub wine glass holder

Get it on Amazon for around $8

Bath salts and soaps can only go so far—sometimes to really let loose after a never-ending week you need a glass (or three) of wine. Thankfully, there’s a way to sip in style (and have a safe place to stow your glass while you’re lathering up): All you need to do is purchase a bathtub wine glass cup holder! Pair it with your favorite wine (and maybe a chocolate bon bon or two) for a bath time activity that will leave you feeling reinvigorated. If you’re not a wine drinker, you can still up your bath game by sipping tea or hot chocolate as you soak. 

9. Lotion

bath accessories - lotion

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After you get out of the tub, apply lotion all over your body to keep your skin feeling soft and smooth. You can alternate between unscented lotion to rehydrate your skin or scented varieties for occasions when you want to spice things up.

10. Bathrobe

bath accessories - bathrobe

Get it on Amazon for around $23

Once you have all the necessary bath accessories on hand, buy a bathrobe so you can walk to and from the bathroom in style. Whether you’re looking for a bathrobe that’s sleek and sexy or more classic and comfy, you can easily find one that will become a wardrobe staple.

After investing in some of these classic bath accessories, you can start planning relaxing rituals that will rival the best spas in your city. Consider making a weekly bath part of your routine so you can pamper yourself at home. In the midst of stressful deadlines and uncertain times, creating a soothing routine is a valuable way to look after your mental and emotional well-being. And it can all start with some bath salts and soap!

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Rebekah Bell is a writer who lives in Los Angeles.

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