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Is there a glamorous makeup master—or one in training—on your holiday shopping list? It’s easy to pick out beauty gifts if you share the hobby, but if not, the world of palettes and brushes can intimidate even a confident gift buyer.

If you don’t know cat eye liner contour powder, you need more than gift inspiration—you need a simple “Hey, buy this!” guide. So sit back, think beautiful thoughts, and easily choose from this curated list of affordable, thoughtful beauty gift picks for beginner, intermediate, and expert makeup lovers.

Makeup Beginner

If you’re looking for a beauty gift for someone new to the glamour game, think basics—tools and colors they can play with to figure out their style. Products like powder and concealer come in skin tones and need to match precisely and are hard to buy for someone else. That’s why these gifts focus on versatile eye shadows, brushes, and sponges that make application easy.

15-Piece Makeup Brush Set

You don’t need dozens of elaborate brushes to get a good look. This set covers all the bases for face, cheek, and eye makeup without overwhelming newbies and costs the gifter only $15.

Lipgloss and Lipliner

Lipgloss is the easiest lip product for beginners. The shiny texture and sheer colors flatter nearly every skin tone and never look too dramatic. We love this set of six glosses and a neutral coordinating lipliner for $18.

The Whole Rainbow 120 Eyeshadow Palette

The deal on this mega-sized eyeshadow palette is even more amazing than the shade range. One review said, “For the price, these shadows cannot be beat. Love how they feel!” Oh, and that price? It’s $8 for 120 shadows.

Intermediate Beauty Lover

Once your favorite makeup lover has mastered the basics, it’s time to help them take their looks to the next level. Think sparkle, think drama. Your glamorous giftee is going to adore these picks.

Pressed Glitter Palette

Beauty fact: Nothing is more fun to wear on your face than glitter. However, application takes some skill, so it’s ideal for someone with moderate makeup experience. This 12-shade pressed glitter palette for $13 is just what the makeup doctor ordered.

Acrylic Makeup Organizer

The downside of a growing makeup collection is the growing bathroom clutter. In that case, a practical beauty gift is worth its weight in gold. This 12-drawer organizer for$29 makes it easy to find just the product you’re looking for and helps keep the countertop tsunami to a minimum.


Contour Palette and Brush

We’re not going to try to explain contouring and color correction here, but trust us—they’re pretty elite cosmetics skills. Once an aspiring artist feels confident in their eyeshadow skills, they need this $15 palette and fancy flat brush to practice sculpting and correcting.

Beauty Expert

This makeup maven already has a loaded makeup table. If her Instagram is on fire and her looks are always amazing, you can bet the basics are covered. A beauty gift for someone this extra has to be extra, too. These picks will help her organize her collection and take a great selfie.

LED Makeup Mirror

A well-lit vanity mirror is a classic for a reason. Nothing makes makeup application easier or more delightfully dramatic than doing in front of a big, bright mirror. This one is only $30, has a gorgeous clean design, and is dimmable, so you can see what the makeup will look under evening lighting.


Large Makeup Travel Case

This beauty gift will let the recipient easily travel far on a dream vacation or near to a friend’s house, and bring more than just the basics in a little pouch. If your makeup obsessed giftee has a huge collection, get them a few of these $26, professional-looking zippered cases so they can organize their entire stash.

Ring Light for Awesome Selfies

If a great makeup look happens, but you don’t post it on Instagram, did it really exist? It’s more than a philosophical question for devoted beauty lovers, and trust us, the hardest part of a great selfie is finding good light. That’s why a ring light like this one for $56 is a holy grail beauty gift. Day or night, if you give a ring light, their every ‘gram will be gorgeous.


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