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best apartment decor - wall mirror stickers

If you are renting and looking for ways to spruce up the space, we have an item that needs to go on your best apartment decor list. Brighten up your space and make it look bigger by adding these mirror wall stickers. When I say you won’t be disappointed, I am not kidding. It’s one of the best apartment decor hacks out there, yet so simple.

Mirrors Brighten The Room

best apartment decor - mirror wall stickers doubled up

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When you think of mirrors, you might be thinking they are only good for checking yourself out in them. While that can always be a fun experience, there are more uses for mirrors, like these mirror wall stickers. As Apartment Therapy stated, adding a wall mirror to your space can help brighten up the room. This is especially useful for when you actually like the space you have set up. Now you can see double of it, depending on where you are sitting. That clearly means you are going to need those cleaning products handy, as you will always want a clean living space to see in those mirrors!

Great For Apartments

What makes these mirror wall stickers such a great idea and one of the best apartment decor ideas is the fact they are so easy to install. The first step would be determining how you want to set them up on your wall. As you can see above and below, there are different ways to set them up and add flavor to your walls and apartment.

best apartment decor - mirror wall stickers

Get it on Tophatter for around $8

Once the spot is determined, you just need to peel off the protective film on the back before use. There are no nails and no weird adhesive fumes.  The mirror backing is with double-sided tape, so you can stick them directly to the wall. They are also removable without damaging the wall, which is even better for renters!

Add some flavor to your walls with one of the best apartment decor hacks out there. Buy as many as you need, as these mirror wall stickers will make your room pop!

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