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Your furry best friend brings you joy all year long, so why not treat them all year long? Gifts for dogs show them some extra love, and it’s just plain fun to spoil your dog with a special treat that get them doing their happy dance. But how do you pick the perfect gift for the fur baby who has it all. If you get stuck while choosing a bark-worthy treat for your doggo, take a peek at the list below for some fresh dog gift ideas.

1. A Shoe They Can Chew


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Most of the best gifts for dogs are chewable. Stop your pet dog in their tracks by wrapping up this plush toy that looks like your favorite slippers from home. This soft chew toy includes a squeaker inside, to keep your dog entertained for hours. Its soft plush material is safe and comfortable for your pet to chew on, and it will also keep your dogs’ teeth clean and healthy.

2. The Picture-Perfect Selfie


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This tennis ball add-on for your phone is the perfect gift for dog lovers who struggle to take a selfie with their pet. Simply connect the tennis ball adapter to any phone to attract your dog’s attention. When you’re done, you can remove the tennis ball to play catch with your pup while you snap more pictures of playtime! Extra attention is among the best gifts for dogs, but the likes the snaps get are all for you.

3. Treat Them to Their Favorite Snack


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These chewy jerky treats are a no-brainer for your pet. Stop your dog from chewing the things they’re not supposed to by letting them gnaw on something tasty. Full of essential nutrients and no weird fillers, they’re almost as healthy as they are delicious and fun to chomp.

4. Distract Them for Hours


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If you’re looking to tucker your dog out, look no further than this kibble-dispensing toy. Dogs are food-motivated, but you don’t want to let them eat too much, so pick a toy that only lets out a little food at a time. When your dog isn’t busy playing catch with this toy, they’ll distract themselves for hours trying to get the food out of it.

5. Gift Them a Classic


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This old-school dog toy is the perfect dog-lovers gift. The Kong chew toy is a safe and reliable dog gift that will have you playing catch with your pet every day. It helps to clean teeth and smooth gums, and comes in three different sizes so you can choose the perfect fit for your pet.

6. Make It Personal


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Show your dog you love them by gifting them a dog bowl with their name on it. They may not know exactly what it means but you will be smiling from ear to ear when you see how cute they look eating out of their personalized dish.

7. Challenge Them


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This interactive toy will challenge your pup while also keeping them entertained. The toy includes three squeaky little chipmunks that can be moved around in the plush log to distract your dog while they play inside or outside.

8. Light It Up


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A ball that lights up is the perfect way to help you and your dog play catch because you’ll never be lose it. These rubber, light-up bouncy balls come in a variety of colors for you to choose from, and are safe for your fur baby to play inside your house and out in the yard.

9. Bring on the Laughs


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Great gifts for dogs are also gifts for their people. You won’t be able to keep a straight face with this gift. Play catch with your best dog pal and laugh for hours when you see them catch it. Each ball includes a giant image of teeth that make your doggo look like they are smiling wide for the world. It’s the gift that will keep on giving you the giggles.

There’s something perfect here for every pup on your list this holiday, with no shortage of entertainment, laughter and all the goodness your dog needs to make them happy.

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