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Christmas. Valentine’s Day. Father’s Day. You have these in your calendar, but did you know you’re missing out on dozens of other holidays? Ever heard of Grab Some Nuts Day? We didn’t think so. (It’s on August 3rd.) How about Tell a Lie Day on April 4th? That’s right—you can squeeze both a prank and a lie within the first four days of April.

While these funny national holidays may be lesser known, they’re the perfect occasion to celebrate with small, affordable gifts that come with belly laughs and a hearty dose of surprise. Check out these nine days of the year when you have permission to have a bit of extra fun.

January – April

National Hangover Day


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They say that the hair of the dog is the optimal hangover remedy. So, when we found out that the day after New Year’s Eve is National Hangover Day, we had to share. Coincidence? (We’re scratching our chins, too.) Celebrate with a buddy, and a little hair of the dog, and bring this classy flask filled with whatever libation did the original damage. Or, fill it with Pedialyte, coconut water, or insert-the-blank responsible recovery drink of choice!

Bubble Bath Day


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January 8th is Bubble Bath Day. We know what you’re thinking. An excuse to take a bubble bath? Tell me more! Treat yourself—or a good friend—to a bubble bath with these DIY Bath Bomb Molds. Make a night of it by popping open a bottle of red and making bath bombs from scratch with this easy recipe.

No Politics Day


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It doesn’t matter which way you swing—US politics is officially exhausting. Take February 1st off from your D.C. news alerts and surprise your friend with this set of Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. What do earbuds have to do with politics, you wonder? Well, let’s just say there’s a lot of noise to drown out. Give your friend the chance to replace angry national feuds with their favorite music, nature sounds, or guided meditation. Do you feel more relaxed just thinking about it?

Look Up at The Sky Day


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April 14th is Look Up At The Sky Day. When was the last time you really stopped to take in the clouds or the stars? Encourage a friend or family member to live in the moment and skygaze with a Super High Power Telescope. You’re bound to see something you haven’t noticed yet!

June – September

Take Your Dog to Work Day


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If your nine-to-five frowns on having furry friends at the office, check with your office manager or HR team about Take Your Dog to Work Day! Celebrated annually on the first Friday after Father’s Day, TYDWD brings much-needed dog therapy to people’s days and gives your pet the chance to make new friends. Treat your four-legged friend to this Pet Warmer Heated Pad, which makes any work environment a home away from home. Then celebrate by taking a perfect pic of your pet. The secret: get them to look at the camera by clipping on their favorite treat with this great gizmo.

National Underwear Day


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Grab this three-pack of practical, Premium Boxers and invite some friends over on August 5th for National Underwear Day. Or heck, pick up some decidedly less practical but more hilarious undies have your whole friend group over for a pants-free backyard barbecue or pool party. Crack open a couple of cold drinks and just accept the fact that you’re going to be all over your friends’ Instagram feeds.

Talk Like a Pirate Day


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Shiver me timbers. Ay ay, matey! September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day, you scurvy dogs. Something like this Skull T-Shirt or Pirate Necklace would be a perfectly piratical gift for all a bilge rat and landlubber friend. And of course, it’s a great day to dress up your pet in something truly hilarious. If the scurvy buccaneers don’t like it, make them walk the plank. Arrr!

October – December

No Beard Day


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What could be a more fitting gift for No Beard Day than … you guessed it: an electric razor! This three-in-one Pro 4D Electric Razor can angle itself to adjust to the contours of your soon-to-be-unbearded friend’s face. You should have no trouble convincing your bearded buddies to go for the clean-cut look on October 18th. Another thing to check out: this wonderfully weird shaving apron to keep stubble from going all over the bathroom. You’d best believe both gifts will come in handy again after No-Shave November!

Absurdity Day


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November 20th is your day to grab someone you like to spend time with and be totally absurd. Tell your friends’ futures with a new crystal ball. Give yourself permission to let go and be childlike for the day. Maybe your inner child wants a pony lamp! Or to help you and your most absurd bestie pull off your crazy capers, grab this two-piece walkie talkie set.

The whole point of these weird and wacky holidays is for you to have some fun with people you care about. Life can be a bit serious sometimes. Hopefully, these ideas will help you add a bit of levity to someone’s life.

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