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best kitchen gadgets

Does it feel like you’re the only one in the kitchen who can get it done? If you’re constantly the only one making dinner as your partner shies away from the responsibility, don’t worry — there’s still hope. These kitchen gadgets will make it as easy as possible for your partner to tackle cooking dinner a few nights a week, while you can get a chance to put your feet up and enjoy the results.

1. Multi-function Bottle Opener

best kitchen gadgets - bottle opener

Get it on Tophatter for around $15

To make your partner feel like a superhero in the kitchen, look no further than a multi-function bottle opener. With its no-slip functionality, you’ll no longer have to struggle to open essential ingredients. Anyone can use this handy tool to pry open anything from a jar of salsa to a bottle of beer to drink along their cooking journey.

2. Egg Yolk Separator

best kitchen gadgets - egg yolk separator

Get it on Tophatter for around $15

From an omelet to homemade pasta, eggs are an essential kitchen staple. Some recipes require separating the yolk from the whites, which can be daunting for kitchen first-timers. Make your partner an egg-celent chef with this handy Egg Yolk Separator.

3. Stainless Steel Peeler

Get it on Tophatter for around $15

Give your vegetarian dishes a whole new flair with a stainless steel peeler that’s reliable and easy for your partner to use. Make julienned vegetables a breeze and enjoy zucchini noodles — aka zoodles — in just a few easy steps that don’t take much time. This stainless steel peeler is designed for safe and anti-skid surfaces, is dishwasher safe, and comes equipped with a comfortable handle with hanging hook.

4. Double-Head Paring Knife

best kitchen gadgets - paring knife

Get it on Tophatter for around $15

This little guy will make your kitchen partner in cooking feel like a Swiss army knife in seconds. Equipped with multiple blades, this double-head paring knife will help with all peeling and grating needs. Grate garlic, peel a potato or get the skin off an apple — do it in moments with one simple tool that does it all.

5. Spiral Potato Slicer

best kitchen gadgets - spiral potato slicer

Get it on Tophatter for around $68

This eco-friendly device might seem advanced at first glance, but it couldn’t be more simple — and entertaining — to use. Simply stick a potato (or any other vegetable) onto the spiral potato slicer, and watch the most boring of vegetables transform into spiraled creations. If your partner has said that cooking is boring before, this tool will change their mind!

6. Foodie Dice

best kitchen gadgets - foodie dice

Get it on Amazon for around $24

Running out of options for what to make together? Looking for a way to spice up your time in the kitchen? While these little Foodie Dice won’t do the cooking for you, they’ll turn dinnertime cooking routine into an exciting and unexpected date night. All you have to do is select the five primary dice, add a seasonal veggie die and roll. These dice will let you play around with 186,000 possible meal combinations to inspire creativity in the kitchen.

7. Singing Pasta Time

best kitchen gadgets - singing pasta timer

Get it on Amazon for around $19

No more loitering around the boiling water as the pasta cooks and trying to scoop out a piece just to see if it’s cooked through. Turn cooking pasta in a fun game with this singing pasta timer. This funny little guy will sing different tunes when your pasta is ready, and floats in cold and hot water. Before you know it, your partner will be asking if they can cook dinner every night.

Shop these fun kitchen tools and gadgets here:

  1. Multi-Function Bottle Opener
  2. Egg Yolk Separator
  3. Stainless Steel Peeler
  4. Double-head Paring Knife
  5. Spiral Potato Slicer
  6. Foodie Dice
  7. Singing Pasta Timer

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