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Your bestie is going abroad—again! Before they head out on their next adventure, they’ll probably be in dire need of new gadgets and gizmos to capture memories, make the most of each trip, and maybe indulge in some comforts to take some stress off the trek. These nine gifts for your friend who loves to travel will definitely have them coming back with amazing stories and some footage to prove it!

1. Super Cozy Cardigan

cardigan best travel gifts

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They love to travel and do it often, but they don’t like how uncomfortable and stressful it can be on planes, trains, and in hostels. Give them a bit of comfort with a plush oversized cardigan. Easy to take on and off when going through airport security, and warm and cozy for the 14-hour trip ahead. They’ll be thankful for you when they are trying to sleep during a layover or staying warm with the climate in a new country.

2. Inflatable Neck Pillow

inflatable neck pillow

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Speaking of comfort, planes and trains are not the best places to grab shut-eye when jet-lagged and dealing with time zone changes. But hauling a snuggie and plush neck pillow through seven countries is a bit of a hassle. Make sure your traveler has plushy but discreet comfort with an inflatable neck pillow. Easy to blow up when they want to take a quick snooze on the plane and stows away in a backpack easily when they need to be on their way.

3. Bluetooth Headset

bluetooth headphones best travel gifts

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If we can’t have complete silence during our travels, calming tunes are the next best thing. A Bluetooth headset is a perfect gift for a traveler. No wires to get caught or tangled up, and they can control the music on their phone as they wander the streets of Paris. Music is the perfect way to get in the mindset of the cities they’re visiting and a great way to listen to a language learning audio class!

4. Smartwatch

smartwatch best travel gifts

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While traveling, it’s easy to get out of step. Help your friend track their steps and more with a smartwatch. Perfect for the hiker and backpacker logging miles a day, a smartwatch offers great tools to remind them to take care of themselves. From tracking sleep to reminding them to drink water, this will keep them on track to living their best life, no matter what time zone they are in.

5. Handheld Game Set


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Traveling is loads of fun but there are sometimes moments of boredom. When waiting to board, sitting on the train, or zoning out in the hotel or hostel late at night, a handheld game set is a perfect toy. Fill the voids and give your friend a little piece of home and nostalgia with a handheld game set.

6. Multifunctional Travel Cosmetic Bag

cosmetics bag best travel gifts

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If your best girlfriend loves to travel but loves her cosmetics more, make sure she has the right gear to bring all the things she needs. A multifunctional travel cosmetic bag is the perfect gift for a traveler with a lot of products. From makeup to hairspray and tiny soaps and shampoos, make sure your girl is traveling with all her necessities safe and sound in one easy and convenient place.

7. Insulated Food Bag

food bag best travel gifts

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Traveling is tiring and draining work, so your buddy will need to replenish all they can while hopping from country to country. The best and cheapest way to do that is to bring their own snacks! An insulated food bag allows them to pack some goodies from wherever they are in order to save on that pricey airport food and will keep them fueled up for whatever lies ahead.

8. Camera

camera best travel gifts

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If they didn’t take hundreds of pictures while abroad, did they even go anywhere? Make sure they capture every moment and breathtaking view with a new camera. Sure, everyone could just take a picture with their phone, but these once-in-a-lifetime memories deserve the best. Relive the trip with them when they return by scrolling through vibrant pictures and fun videos.

9. Mini Waterproof Sport Recorder

waterproof camcorder best travel gifts

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When traveling, we never know where we’ll end up—even if it is jumping into the Mediterranean. Make sure they can get sick angles and shots of their biggest adventures with a mini waterproof sport recorder. Whether they are snorkeling, kayaking, or swimming in hot springs, they can record the memories of a lifetime with a waterproof recorder.

Your bestie is off on their next big adventure but they won’t leave empty-handed. These nine gadgets are a must-have to make sure your travelers have the trip of a lifetime, and come back to tell the tale.

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