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With their fierce attention to detail and passion for practicality, Virgos love gifts that help them stay organized and on top of their work. Virgo season is upon us, and buying your earthy, hardworking friend something to appease their goal-oriented nature (as well as their love of nature) is sure to be appreciated. But don’t forget to consider gifts they may not admit to needing, such as a handheld massager to help them relax. Known for being meticulous and helpful, Virgos may be too modest to ask for some time and space to unwind and let loose, but you can help them get there. Here are six of the best Virgo gifts to help them work hard and maybe even chill a little, too.

1. A New Planner


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Your Virgo friend will love organizing their week (and year!) with this leather-bound planner from Carpe Diem that features multiple pockets, tabbed dividers, and a variety of colorful inserts adorned with inspiring messages to brighten their day. Fun and functional, with a marigold exterior and sturdy silver rings the planner is pretty as well as durable enough to last the whole year through.

2. Desktop Planter


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Virgos love nature and working, so why not give them a gift that combines both passions? This three-tiered ceramic desktop planter sits neatly on a bamboo stand and can hold three plants of their choice. Each planter comes with a small drainage hole for a full gardening experience without leaving their work behind. The desktop planter is ideal for your Virgo friend’s home office or workplace.

3. Virgo Jewelry


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Though Virgos are known for being modest, they’ll still love the dab of sparkle this Virgo ring delivers. The less showy the gift, the better, but don’t underestimate your Virgo friend’s love of beauty. If you think they might prefer something a bit more understated, opt for this simple Virgo pendant instead.

4. Three-Tiered Wooden Shelf


Get it on Tophatter for around $53

Help keep your friend’s home or garden organized with this three-tiered, foldable rack, ideal for plants, books, office supplies, or anything they desire. Made from natural wood to appeal to their love of nature, this gift is also practical for a tidy space. They can even use it to store shoes by the front door if their home is a shoe-free zone.

5. Spice Rack


Get it on Tophatter for around $38

Perfect for the foodie Virgo, this spice rack keeps their kitchen organized so they can cook without the stress of needing to search for their favorite spice. This combo pack includes 18 spice bottles and 48 spice labels, on a sturdy steel stand with sleek chrome finish.

6. Handheld Massager


Get it on Tophatter for around $6

The hardworking Virgo deserves a little time to unwind, probably even more than most. Though they may not take time out for a massage, bring the massage to them with this handheld massage tool. You can also treat them to a spa day, or join them–even if it’s just to make sure they left their phone and laptop behind.

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Erica Garza is an author and essayist from Los Angeles. Her writing has appeared in TIME, Health, Glamour, Good Housekeeping, Women’s Health, and VICE.

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