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Wouldn’t it be a dream to get ready in the Clueless closet every day? You know the one—remote-controlled with endless storage and a computer that matches your tops and bottoms. However, that’s not realistic for most of us. Instead, we’re trying to get scrappy with our closest storage ideas and techniques, making the most out of a simple top shelf, a small hanging space, and a shoe rack.

If you’re getting burnt out looking at messy piles of folded clothes that don’t have much rhyme or reason, let alone any kind of organizational system, here are a few ideas to help to tidy up and maximize space each season. Sometimes all it takes are a few simple closet storage additions to take on clothing clutter, and win.

Baskets on Baskets

clothes storage ideas - storage bins

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Baskets come in all shapes and sizes and styles, so much so that they have their own aisle in most home good stores these days. For example, this cloth cute set with lids is great for your oversized denim collection. Or use them to store scarves, hats, and gloves that you want easy access without having to see them building up in messy, visible piles. You can add a few open baskets to your floor to store shoes and sandals that don’t fit on a rack.

Backburner Bins

clothes storage ideas - stackable cloth storage bags

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The reality is, you don’t need your winter coat in July and you don’t need your strappy tank tops or swimsuits in December. These stackable cloth storage bags are great for storing your winter clothes during summer and your summer clothes during winter. Bonus: They are much more stylish than the plastic tubs holding your holiday decorations in the garage.

Garment Bags

clothes storage ideas - cedar moth balls

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Some natural fabrics don’t do well stuffed into tubs and bins. Think wool, fur, and cashmere. They prefer a little breathing room, so store them in garment bags when it comes time to put them away from the season. Since they’re made of natural fabrics, you’d also be wise to include cedar mothballs to keep bugs from making those little holes that drive you crazy.

Shelf Space Dividers

clothes storage ideas - space dividers

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About those piles of shirts and sweaters and whatever else is starting to look like one large dumping ground on your closet shelf — space dividers can come to the rescue. They simply hook onto your shelf and help create little cubbies for neatly folded piles. You can even buy labels that hang from the shelf and remind you not to put your shorts where your sweatpants live.

clothes storage ideas - freestanding shelf

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If you are stone-cold out of space and need to create more storage on a budget, consider adding freestanding shelves. Each cubby can hold a square bin that you can designate for certain types of clothes. And drawer organizers can be a big help within bins and baskets as well. That way, you actually feel organized instead of just hiding the mess inside a container.

Shop the wardrobe essentials here:

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  5. Cedar Moth Protection Set
  6. Shelf dividers
  7. Shelf labels
  8. Freestanding cubbies
  9. Drawer organizers

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Catherine Conelly is a former beauty and health editor turned freelance writer and digital marketer. She’s written for Shape, Thrillist, PopSugar and StyleCaster. Her work has also appeared on Forbes, Entrepreneur, the Glassdoor blog, and Adidas Game Plan A.

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