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Has your taste for lovely wines left you with a big collection of empty wine bottles that you hate to throw away—or is that just me? I have an acquired taste for gorgeous blue glass, to the point where my friends and family will often buy me a bottle of wine just because it’s in a blue glass bottle.

Needless to say, I really don’t want to throw away those memories. If, like me, you’ve got a growing collection of empty wine bottles, or you just hate the thought of adding them to the trash stream, you’re going to love this collection of wine bottle crafts. Don’t throw those empties away. Upcycle them into unique decor for your home.

Light Up Your Life

One of the coolest things about wine bottles is that they come in so many colors. Make the most of those deep jewel tones — meant to protect the wine from light — by putting lights inside the bottle. This may actually be one of the simplest and least expensive wine bottle craft ever, thanks to these cool wine bottle lights.

wine bottle crafts - wine bottle lights

Get it on Amazon for around $14

The strings of fairy lights are just the right length to fill a bottle with points of sparkle, and they come already attached to the battery fitted in the cork. A single pack includes 10 strings of 20 LED lights and 30 extra batteries. Use them for parties and special events. Add the same sparkle to your backyard or deck with these solar bottle lights, which even turn themselves on at dusk so you don’t have to.

This Bottle’s on Fire

wine bottle crafts - wine bottle tiki torch

Get it on Amazon for around $12

Speaking of outdoor lighting, check out this updated tiki torch substitute: wine bottle tiki torches. I’ve seen a few DIY versions of this, but it always looked a little dangerous, since it’s so easy to knock over a wine bottle. This kit includes the tiki wick and cap you need, along with a bottle hanger and hardware so you can mount your used wine bottles on a deck post or fence where it will burn safely.

Three Wine Bottle Planters

Wine bottles make great vases, but can you plant something in them? Absolutely — you just need a bottle cutter that will give you the kind of cut you need, and a diamond bit with which to drill drain holes.

Self-Watering Wine Bottle Planter

wine bottle crafts - wine bottle cutter

Get it on Amazon for around $40

You can create one or many of these nifty wine bottle planters using one of the easiest bottle cutters available. You just put the bottle in the cradle, adjust the rollers and the blade, and turn the bottle. It just takes one cut just below the widest part of the bottle neck. Sand the edges of both pieces until they’re smooth. Drill a hole through the cork and pull several strands of cotton twine through the hole to make a wick. Cork the bottle with the cotton hanging outside it. Fill the bottom of the bottle with water, turn the top upside down, place it inside the bottom, and plant away.

Sideways Wine Bottle Planter

wine bottle crafts - wine bottle planter

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It’s a lot trickier to cut a bottle lengthwise, or to cut a hole in the bottle, but the resulting wine bottle planter is more than worth the trouble. You’ll need some sort of rotary tool to do the cut — I’m a big fan of Dremels for just about anything. You’ll need a diamond cutting wheel, a vise to hold the wine bottle in place, and a steady hand. When you’re done cutting, sand the cut edges until they’re smooth, and plant with your fairy garden.

Topsy Turvy Wine Bottle Planter

Get it on Amazon for around $8

These topsy turvy planters use only one cut around the bottle, making them pretty simple to create. You can use a bottle cutting machine to make the cut, or you can try to do it with a glass cutter following this tutorial for a hanging wine bottle planter.

3 Ways to Decorate Wine Bottles

Up your game by grouping and arranging multiple wine bottles into creative centerpieces for your dining table or side tables. Use the empty bottles as they are, or try one of these decorating ideas.

Spray Paint

If you decide to spray paint your wine bottles, these tips can help you get the best finish.

  1. Use spray paint designed for glass, like Krylon Colormaster.
  2. Wash the bottle well.
  3. Rub the bottle down with rubbing alcohol to get rid of any lingering adhesive or grease.
  4. Sand the glass lightly. It will help the spray paint adhere to the surface.
  5. Start spraying away from the bottle to get a good, fine spray going. This will avoid any glops or drips.
  6. Spray from 12 to 16 inches away from the bottle.
  7. Don’t touch it until it’s dry.
wine bottle crafts - white labels

Get it on Amazon for around $9

Spray paint offers many cool options for decorating glass wine bottles, especially if you combine it with different techniques. Use painter’s tape to mask off stripes, or make polka dots with Avery peel-off stickers.


wine bottle crafts - mod podge sealer

Get it on Amazon for around $4

Speaking of stickers, why not just use them to decorate your bottles? Whether you use stickers, or cut out designs from wrapping paper, napkins or tarot cards, cover them with a good coat of Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe Sealer to protect the designs.

Wrap Them

wine bottle crafts - quilting quarters

Get it on Amazon for around $17

Wrap empty wine bottles in cloth or other textile for a unique look. Choose twine or burlap for a rustic look, or an assortment of vintage quilting quarters to go with your shabby chic aesthetic. Use Mod Podge or craft glue to apply the fabric to intact or cut glass bottles.

So go on and enjoy your wine — and when the bottle is empty, try one of these clever wine bottle crafts to turn your memories into one-of-a-kind accent pieces for your home.

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