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From mid-century modern to bohemian, interior design has long served as a natural extension of a homeowner’s personality. That’s especially true in the bedrooms, where each member of a given household has the chance to customize the space to suit their unique style and interests. While you may have originally chosen a neutral shade of yellow or gray for the nursery, you might have started thinking about how to spruce up your child’s room in a fresh, fun new way as they grow older.

From the mountains to the stars, here are four gender-neutral toddler room ideas that are creative, original, and attainable. Each one can easily be tailored to match your child’s personality — without breaking the bank. So peruse this list and use the ideas below as a jumping off point to envision a delightful room for your little love.

1. To Infinity and Beyond

toddler room ideas - glow in the dark wall stickers

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The sky’s the limit when it comes to designing a gender-neutral toddler room — literally! Paint white clouds over blue walls and add a rainbow to make your child feel like they’re living amidst the clouds, or place some glow-in-the-dark stars and planet stickers on the ceiling to help them feel like a guardian of the galaxy. You can also opt for a spaceship theme complete with a rocket-shaped ceiling light and star-dotted walls.

2. The Great Outdoors

toddler room ideas - wall decal

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If you love the forest, consider using a black-and-white birch wallpaper print, animal photographs, and a teepee to create the illusion of a camping trip for your child. If you’re more of a mountain family, consider purchasing mountain wall decals or hiring someone to paint an entire mural of your favorite range. You could also opt for a safari theme, complete with giant stuffed giraffes, elephants, and lions against a mural of the African savannah on one of the walls.

3. Design Your Own Adventure

toddler room ideas - world map decal

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If your child loves drawing, encourage their creativity by designating one wall of their room as a chalkboard wall. You can make your own chalkboard wall or hire a professional to do it, but either way, your child is sure to love the freedom to imagine new drawings and doodles anytime. You can also foster your child’s sense of adventure by creating a travel-themed room, with a map of the world or travel posters on the wall and tiny globes as décor pieces on a bookcase or nightstand.

4. Seaside Oasis

toddler room ideas - sea shell wall hooks

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Help your child feel “anchored” in the best way possible by creating a coastal-themed room. Start by painting the walls a deep shade of blue, investing in anchor-themed bedding, and adding seashell-themed wall hooks. You can add boat and fish decals to the walls, opt for some photos of jellyfish or other sea creatures, or purchase a nautical-themed mirror. You can even buy a fish tank and some fish so your child will really feel like they are part of the sea.

By using these ideas to spark your creativity, you’ll be able to design a gorgeous gender-neutral room that will delight today’s toddler for years to come as they grow up.

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Rebekah Bell is a writer who lives in Los Angeles.

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