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creative homemade gifts that don't look homemade

If you’re feeling crafty, yet unsure about the etiquette around homemade gifts, we’ve got you covered. Homemade gifts are unique and add a personal touch to your generosity, letting your gift recipient feel extra special that you put in time and work to create something just for them.

Even if you don’t have a crafty bone in your body, you can still give a store-bought gift a personal touch by adding a homemade element to it. Here’s everything you need to know about how to make creative homemade gifts that don’t look homemade.

Room Sprays

creative homemade gifts spray bottles

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With a variety of scents at your fingertips, DIY room sprays are perfect gifts for any occasion. Especially appropriate for a housewarming gift, room spray brings the sweetness of fresh flowers inside — all you need are dried flowers, an essential oil of your choice, small spray bottles, and other key ingredients. Check out this tutorial from Design Love Fest to get started.

Body Scrub

creative homemade gift ideas - mason jars

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Encourage your friends to have their very own spa-day by gifting them with an exfoliating body scrub. Free of preservatives — and made from a range of scents and textures, including oatmeal, sugar, avocado, or olive oil — your unique creation is easy to make and sure to impress. Here are three recipe ideas from Marie Claire to inspire you. Don’t forget to stock up on some Mason jars to store your scrub.

Wall Hangings

creative homemade gifts that don't look homemade wall hangings

Credit: Hither and Tither

Another great housewarming gift, or ideal for any of your design-savvy friends, wall hangings are hip, eye-catching and, best of all, easy to make. These 10 DIY wall hangings from Hither and Tither don’t even require any weaving, perfect for those of you who like instant gratification. Using simple items like table runnersbathmats, and colorful pom poms, these gifts add a pop of color and boho vibes to any living space.

Baked Goods

creative homemade gift ideas - candy boxes

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If the kitchen is your happy place, there’s no reason to neglect your baking skills for your next gift. From homemade pies and cakes to fresh breads and cookies, just about any baked item works. There are so many ways to package your baked goods to add a sophisticated element. These simple paper containers with a cutout design come in a variety of colors, while these paper bags let your recipient have a peek at the goodie you’ve prepared for them. Add a dash of spring with these floral boxes tied with an elegant ribbon.


creative homemade gifts that don't look homemade labels

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Beyond the variety of boxes, jars and bags you can use to package both homemade and store-bought gifts, consider using personalized labels to add even more of a tailored touch. These chalkboard craft stickers are perfect for personalization, as well as these heart-shaped hang tags. Consider printing labels to make homemade gifts look store-bought, or use handwritten ones to add a personal touch to store-bought gifts.

Write a Note

creative homemade gift ideas - greeting cards

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Skip the labels altogether and write a note to your gift recipient to accompany your homemade or store-bought gift. Use these versatile greeting cards with a dreamy starlight design or create your own stationery. While a well thought-out gift can speak for itself, writing something special to go with the body lotion or scented candles you got for your friend, like, “Let’s plan a spa day soon?” can go a long way.

Give Memories

creative homemade gifts wooden photo album

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A great way to combine a store-bought gift with a personal homemade touch is to give the gift of memories. Pick up a scrapbook or photo album and fill it with photos and mementos of your best times together. Not only will they appreciate the look of your gift, but they’ll also love flipping through it over and over again. And every time they do, they’ll remember the thought you put into it. That’s a win for everyone.

Shop all the creative homemade gift ideas here:

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  6. Pom Poms
  7. Candy Boxes
  8. Cookie Cutters
  9. Paper Containers
  10. Paper Food Bags
  11. Floral Boxes
  12. Chalkboard Craft Stickers
  13. Heart-Shaped Gift Tags
  14. Printing Label Tape
  15. Greeting Cards
  16. Blank Stationery Cards
  17. Scrapbook
  18. Vintage Photo Album

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Erica Garza is an author and essayist from Los Angeles. Her writing has appeared in TIME, Health, Glamour, Good Housekeeping, Women’s Health, and VICE.

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