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daily gift happy - pet harness

We may all be searching for ways to stay productive during this time at home, but your family dog probably loves seeing so much of you. They get a little lonely during the days when you are away. amd mow they love seeing your smiling face all the time. They may not be your BFF, but they are definitely man’s best friend and an excellent motivation to get out and get some exercise. Do it in style—add this adorable dog harness your pup’s wardrobe!

Walking Is Important

Walking is important for us and a good way to get your daily exercise in. It is also very important for dogs. The Animal Foundation shared a list of why walking was important for dogs and it’s very similar reasons humans do it. It can provide both physical and mental health from the dog.

daily gift happy - pet harness

Get it on Tophatter for around $9

If you dog is sitting around the house all day bored out of their mind, this is when they get antsy and may show destructive behavior. Many humans are feeling exactly the same way lately. Everyone is complaining about being bored and antsy.

Too Darn Cute

We all love our fur babies, so why not dress them up? I mean, look at that dog harness above and not say to yourself, awww! The harness comes with a butterfly bell bow tie, mesh cloth underneath, a fixed buckle and a metal buckle for the leash.

daily gift happy - pet harness

Get it on Tophatter for around $9

Speaking of the leash, it measures 5 feet in length. The dog harness comes in both red and gray and has three different sizes: Small (chest size of 7.8-15.7″ and weight of 1.5-4kg), Medium (chest size of 14-19.7″ and weight of 4-8kg) and Large (chest size of 18-25″ and weight of 8-12.5kg).

You won’t be disappointed, as this dog harness will be the perfect addition for any small dog owner out there! Get yours now and let everyone enjoy the outdoors this spring and summer!


Prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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