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daily gift happy - funny mom t-shirt

We will get through this. But even though we believe that, we all know the COVID-19 pandemic is a rare and crazy time in our lives. Times are stressful for many people. There is probably no one feeling it more (besides healthcare and essential workers) than those moms staying at home with their kids. With all that stress, we are thinking more and more mothers are able to wear this funny mom t-shirt and it be a perfect fit for their lives right now.

Is It Happy Hour Yet?

Moms have it extra hard right now, as most people are staying in to help flatten the curve. Schools are closed and kids are anxious and have energy to get out. Now they can’t do that by going to school. That means the stress level is beyond high for those parents stuck in the house with children all day, every day!

The World Health Organization might be telling us that drinking more alcohol and wine won’t cure the coronavirus, but it certainly helps take the edge off after a long day of home-schooling and kid-entertaining.

daily gift happy - funny mom t-shirt pink

Get it on Tophatter for around $13

The Perfect T-Shirt

Time to show your mom friends that you support them. When friends are struggling, receiving a gift in the mail is a small gesture that can really make them smile.

This funny mom t-shirt has the perfect quote on it, as we are sure many moms (and dads) have been dropping that f-bomb during this quarantine. No judgment here! Sometimes, no other word will do. When you are filled with unknowns, you start to worry more and more. Then every little thing starts to get on your nerves!

The Details

When ordering this funny mom t-shirt, you have the option of six colors: red, yellow, blue, black, gray, or pink. No matter what color the shirt is, the writing will be in white. For the sizes, you can order from and XS up to a 3XL. This is perfect for all those moms out there wanting to express themselves in a t-shirt.

daily gift happy - funny mom t-shirt blue

Get it on Tophatter for around $13

The funny mom t-shirt is made of microfiber and is soft to wear. It is very casual, yet any mom can fashion it up. Just wear with some cute cut-off shorts this summer (when we can hopefully start going out of the house with social distancing rules in place).

Online shopping is huge during the quarantine, so get yours going now and get the mother in your life this funny mom t-shirt now!

Prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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