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The best gift is the gift of laughter, especially when you’re a prankster at heart. Are you looking for a funny, easy prank to play on that unsuspecting family member, friend, or coworker? Maybe someone recently pranked you and you’re seeking revenge. Or maybe you’re just in the mood for a little mischief. April Fools’ Day or not, these low-cost comical pranks are easy to pull off and will keep you laughing for years to come.

1. Who Broke My Glass?!

funny prank ideas cracked glass

Get on Tophatter for about $5.

Did you hear a bang? Sounds like broken glass. Or a good prank. When your unsuspecting prank victim is out of the room, stick this ball-in-glass sticker to any glass surface. The result: your friend’s windshield or house window will look like it got cracked by an incoming ball.

To make this prank even more successful, download and play a sound effect on your phone of a loud bang or crash while your friend is out of the room. When he or she returns, ask “Did you hear that?” Look for the source of the “crash” until your prank target discovers the “broken” glass and freaks out. Bonus points for filming your friend’s prank reaction.

2. Is That What I Think It Is?!

funny prank ideas poop

Get it on Tophatter for about $5.

There’s a reason this prank comes in at number two. Sometimes it’s the simplest, grossest things you can imagine that gets the prank job done. Don’t worry—it’s not really fecal matter; it’s more of a laughing matter. So, it doesn’t stink and neither does this entertaining trick.

Place the fake poop virtually anywhere—on the carpet near a pet, in the car, on the living room floor—and ask your friend if they smell something funky. Then, bask in the glory of a classic potty prank.

3. The Roach Infestation

funny prank ideas roaches

Get it on Tophatter for about $5.

Just looking at this funny prank idea may have you squirming. Strategically place these very real-looking cockroaches where no one suspects—inside a shoe, in the sink, under the covers—you name it! This easy but effective trick is sure to surprise your prank target and maybe send him or her running.

For an even more mischievous hoax, sneak one of these “roaches” onto your friend’s head gently. Ask them: “Hey, what’s that moving in your hair?” Voila! Simple, hilarious prank achieved.

4. A Completely Shocking Car Key

funny prank ideas electric car key

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This “car key” bears striking resemblance to an actual car key. The only difference? It sends a small electric shock to your unsuspecting prank victim when they press it.

As you walk to your car with your friend (aka the prank target), make sure your hands are full. Then, ask your friend to retrieve the “key” and unlock the car because, after all, your hands are tied. Your friend will be shocked, in more ways than one.

5. Ouch! There’s a Nail in My Finger!

funny prank ideas nail in finger

Get it on Tophatter for about $5.

Unless you’re into a more sinister funny prank, this one is probably not for the friend with a weak stomach. Put on this “bloodied” bandage to trick your friend into thinking you have a nail stuck in your finger.

This one requires some dramatic flair on your part. You’ve got to sell the pain. It’s best to play this prank on someone you live with, or a visitor, during home redecorating. Tell your prank prey that you were hanging a picture and accidentally hammered into your own flesh. Nailed it.

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