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Do you stuff your loved ones’ stockings with the same old boring stuff year after year when you could make them laugh for the holidays? Whether you’re shopping for a family member, a friend, or just looking for a little something for a coworker, you’ll get more smiles for your stocking stuffing skills if you find something original and funny. Do we have ideas? Of course! Here are seven stocking stuffers that will bring the laughs.

1. A Watch for the Chronically Late Person in Your Life

funny stocking stuffers - analog watch

Get it on Amazon for around $2

You know who this gift is for: that person in your life who, no matter what, is never on time (and knows it, too). Maybe it’s your coworker who shows up well past clock-in time or your sibling who’s always running behind to family gatherings. Chances are you know at least one person who would get a kick out of this functional and funny stocking stuffer.

The “Whatever, I’m late anyway” watch comes in black and white wristbands with a cute display. Maybe your gift recipient will even use it to be on time for once. But, probably not.

2. Winter Beard Mask

gifts for cold people - bearded beanie

Get it on Amazon for around $9

This zany face mask, complete with a “beard,” is a fun, wacky gift for anyone: coworkers, family, or friends.

This funky stocking stuffer is not just hilarious, but useful for runners who want to keep their faces warm on those brutal winter runs. It makes for the perfect joke gift for the athlete in your life.

3. Chicken Legs

funny stocking stuffers - chicken leg stockings

Get it on Amazon for around $10

No, not those chicken legs. This non-edible wacky stocking stuffer can transform human legs into fashionable chicken legs. Yes, you read that right: fashionable chicken legs.

These thigh-high socks, while funny and surprising, perfectly goofy-cute. They also come in a variety of colors and patterns. Don’t be a chicken: get this stocking stuffer for your friends or family.

4. Real-Looking Ear Buddies Earbuds

funny stocking stuffers - ear buddies ear buds

Get it on Amazon for around $9

These earbuds really live up to their name. This amusing stocking stuffer works well for people of all ages who love listening to music. In fact, they can listen to music while appearing that their “ears” are still tuned into a conversation.

The earbuds are compatible with iPhones, iPods, and any device with a 3.5 mm jack.

5. Animal Toilet Stickers

funny stocking stuffers - 3d animal decals

Get it on Amazon for around $9

Hear me out: yes, it sounds strange. But this unpredictable stocking stuffer will leave its recipients laughing. It’s also great for people of all ages—kids to adults, colleagues, or family members. This stocking stuffer works as a great gift for the animal lovers in your life.

Just apply these 3D-looking stickers to your toilet (or other appliances, like the refrigerator) and catch a glimpse of what Spot the Dog or Fluffy the Cat would look like if they were escaping through the toilet tank. Yes, it’s odd and more than a little random. But it’s also nearly impossible not to laugh.

6. The LOL Maternity Shirt

funny stocking stuffers - funny t-shirt

Get it on Amazon for around $20

For the pregnant realist in your life, this maternity shirt reads “Expecting a Tax Deduction.” This stocking stuffer is great for the soon-to-be-mother with a good sense of humor in your family or friend circle.

Sure, there are a lot of clever tees out there. But there aren’t always a ton of options for witty tees in the maternity department. Plus, this one comes in a variety of sizes.

7. For the Nerdy Dog Lover

funny stocking stuffers - dog shirt

Get it on Amazon for around $12

If you’re looking for a funny stocking stuffer for your dog-obsessed friend or sibling, this one is a keeper. This adorable and hilarious attire for your friend’s pup spells out “bacon” in periodic table element letters.

What dog doesn’t love bacon? And what dog owner doesn’t love getting puppy outfits for a stocking stuffer?

Prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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