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daily gift happy - gardening tools

It may not seem like it if you’ve been inside a lot, but spring is in the air. The weather is nicer and while many of us are stuck at home because of the coronavirus, you can still get out and exercise or even yard work. Healthline stated that gardening can help ease your anxiety, so you’ve got the seeds and we have the gardening tools you need to get the ball rolling for this summer.

Planting Pots

daily gift happy - gardening tools - pots

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To get things started, you will need something to plant the seeds in. While you may not be outside in a garden, a great gardening tool to add to your list would be these planting pots. With the slits cut out of them, they are breathable and will allow water to properly drain out of them.

Heating Pad

daily gift happy - gardening tools - heat mat

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Now that the seeds are planted in the planting pots, you want to make sure they have the right temperature. That is where this heating pad comes in. This seedling heat mat is perfect for vegetables or flowers seedlings. The heat pad warms the root area to 10-20 ℉ above room temperature, which helps to improve root growth. It also helps improve the germination process and improve on seedling and cuttings success.

Seedling Digging Tools

daily gift happy - gardening tools - seedling tools

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When you get those planting pots above, you are going to need the right gardening tools to plant those seeds. That is where these seedling digging tools come into play. While these tools can be used to give small potted plants cultivation and fertilization, they are more suitable for seed starting, flower and vegetable planting, and weeding.

Grow Pouches

daily gift happy - gardening tools - planter growth bag

Get it on Tophatter for around $9

First of all, how cute are these grow pouches? Besides being cute, they are the perfect addition to your gardening tool bag. They are double layered with a breathable material that provides more oxygen to your plants and flowers. The water can seep through to the bottom. Meanwhile, the inner layer brings better effect of water retention and absorption for the plants.

In a few months, you could have the garden of your dreams if you get started now. Seize spring and get planting!

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