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gender-neutral gift ideas

You’ve probably overheard or had a conversation about gender neutrality. It’s made big headlines in recent years. Whether that involves people who have started to use gender-neutral pronouns to express where they fall on the gender spectrum, or “agender” beauty products or clothes, it turns out that gender is not as black-and-white 

If you’re looking to purchase gender-neutral gifts, don’t fret! They’re plentiful and you don’t have to break the bank to give a gift that brings joy and happiness to your loved ones. It’s as simple as focusing on what’s important to the recipient, rather than their gender. We’ve created this guide to get your ideas flowing. Each of these gifts is free of gender norms, ideas, and associations, and would act as the perfect present—regardless of the receiver’s gender identification.

1. Board Games


gender neautral gift ideas - apples to apples

Get it on Amazon for around $14

Board games are a terrific, fun, and great gender-neutral gift for any age. They can pack hours of fun into a long weekend and most only need two players. Two games that are known to bring some hilarity to the moment are Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity. Apples to Apples is appropriate for all ages, while Cards Against Humanity is for adults (it’s better with a glass of wine, anyway—trust us!).

2. Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets

lottery tickets excitement

The great thing about giving scratch-offs is that you can buy several or a bunch, depending on your budget. They also give the recipient an immediate sense of anticipation and hold the possibility of a much more valuable gift. Think of it like a doorway into something much, much grander. It’s fun for you to watch your BFF’s sense of possibility as they scratch away at their tickets!

Prices and availability of scratch-offs will vary depending on location.

3. Edible Gifts

gender neutral gift ideas - homemade cookies

Get it on Amazon for around $11

Everybody loves food, no matter what pronoun they use. Specialty food items are particularly enjoyable to give and receive. After all, who would say no to a crusty loaf of artisanal bread, macarons, chocolates, cookies, or other beautifully packaged specialty foods? And these are just a few of the enormous assortment of delicious treats available. Whether your friend is gluten-free, vegan, or an aficionado of IPAs, you’re bound to find a great food gift or, if you’re up for the challenge, roll up your sleeves and make something in your own kitchen!

4. Waterproof Touchscreen Gloves


gender neutral gift ideas - touch screen gloves

Get it on Amazon for around $10

Living in the twenty-first century pretty much mandates that you use a smartphone. This gift will be one you can happily give anyone with touchscreen device, regardless of age or gender. It’s especially useful for your friends or family who live in the colder regions of the country. (Sorry, California—your winters don’t really count!) Since cold weather makes handheld devices tough to use, you’ll be giving them the ability to listen to music, play games, chat, and a whole host of other fun activities without having to bare their fingers to gnawing icy winds.

5. Wireless Shower Speaker


gender neutral gift ideas - bluetooth speaker

Get it on Amazon for around $30

Give this wireless shower speaker at your own risk—if it’s going to a roommate, make sure you’re okay with hearing them belt out the lyrics to their favorite songs! This is a handy and useful piece of technology that doesn’t take up extra space and is bound to make morning routines more interesting.

6. Mobile Photo Lens Kit


gender neutral gift ideas - mobile lens kit

Get it on Amazon for around $27

It’s still a little mind-boggling that professional photographers can snap incredible shots on the same devices they use to text their friends. Not surprisingly, a whole industry now exists that sell products to upgrade your phone’s ability to take killer pictures! Help your Instagram-obsessed friend or family member transform their photos with a phone lens kit that turns their mobile phone into a photo studio. It’s an affordable and fun gift that any mobile photographer will enjoy.

Prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


Janet Ashforth is an ACE-certified personal trainer and licensed massage therapist. She first studied to become a personal trainer in 1997, and has since worked at several popular gyms and owned her own fitness company. She’s helped countless individuals maintain or regain their health and wellness. Janet also writes about food, nutrition, cooking, and baking, and is a “real food” advocate.

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