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gift ideas for cat lovers

Every day is Caturday to your cat-loving friends. Why not celebrate their passion (or obsession) with the purr-fect cat-themed gift? Our gift ideas for cat lovers cover everything from feline-inspired jewelry to clothing and accessories that will have them meowing their thanks. Whether you’re shopping for a cat-obsessed friend or you’re the one with cat hair all over your clothes, these eight gifts are sure to make everyone smile.

1. Purr-ty Jewelry


Get it from Tophatter for around $4

From earrings and bracelets to necklaces and watches — cats can adorn almost any part of the body. Why not gift your friend with cats from head to toe? This Beatrix Potter-inspired pendant is perfect for the friend who loves books as much as they love cats with a classic “Tale of Tom Kitten” scene. And this colorful cat brooch adds sparkle to any outfit.

2. Feline Feet


Get it from Tophatter for around $6

Speaking of wearing cats head to toe, these mid-length cotton cat socks do the trick. They are one-size-fits-all and come in a variety of colors. Looking for something more realistic? These Engmoo animal print socks let your friend walk a mile in cat paws.

3. Paws, Paws and More Paws


Get it from Tophatter for around $11

If wearing cat paws isn’t enough, don’t pause there. These non-slip cushion pet socks dress tables, chairs and even door handles in fabulous cat style, so your friend can enjoy better floors and more cat ambiance in their living space.

4. A Cat POV


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Gift your friend with cat eyes and a vintage wardrobe with these fashionable cat-eye glasses. Glittered with sparkly rhinestone and available in such colors as red, green, purple, blue, and more, the glasses are anti-reflective for ultra comfort.

5. Kitty Tees


Get it from Tophatter for around $10

There are countless graphic tees that your friend can don to express his or her devotion to cats. Does your friend love wine as much as their cat? This wine and cat shirt combines both passions. How about pizza and cats? Are your friends cool with poking fun at their obsessions? Then this shirt is right up their alley.

6. Cat Mural


Get it from Tophatter for around $10

Even when their own cats are asleep, your friends can enjoy watching cats at play with these fun wall decals. They can put them up over the bed, along the staircase, or maybe in every room. Next level up: cat wallpaper.

7. Cats + Coffee = Joy


Get it from Tophatter for around $18

Your friends will never dread getting up in the morning when they know their favorite cat-themed mug is waiting for them. Throw in some of these stainless steel cat spoons and your friends will be sipping and smiling all day.

8. Cat Costume


Get it from Tophatter for around $30

If all else fails, give your feline-fascinated friend the ultimate gift of all: the ability to live the dream and be a cat. This cat costume comes in leopard print with a tail, but if that’s too much, you can opt for a lacy cat mask with whiskers. Just remind your friend that while she can purr to her heart’s content, “nine lives” are sold separately.

Kudos for loading up on cat goodies for your friend, but are you more of a dog person? Check out these dog gifts for your preferred four-legged pal.

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Erica Garza is an author and essayist from Los Angeles. Her writing has appeared in TIME, Health, Glamour, Good Housekeeping, Women’s Health, and VICE.

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