Whether the senior in your life is retired or simply retires to bed earlier than they once did, here are some meaningful and silly gift ideas to keep them up later than usual. From gorgeous puzzles to tickle their brain (and their wanderlust) to single-serve coffeemakers, these thoughtful gifts will bring a smile to anyone’s face, especially the senior who swears they don’t need a thing.

1. Landmark Puzzles

Get it on Amazon for around $14

If you’re always encouraging them to travel, but your senior insists they’ve already been everywhere, consider getting them a puzzle model of a famous landmark such as Big Ben or the Sydney Opera House to rekindle their explorer’s heart. They’ll like the challenge of putting these puzzles together and maybe enjoy the nostalgia each puzzle evokes. Puzzles based on the Statue of Liberty, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel Tower and more could inspire a collection.

2. CBD Oil

hemp oil

Get it on Amazon for around $19

Before you write off CBD (the non-psychoactive component in cannabis) as a gift only for a young person, consider this study, which confirmed that the greatest increase in cannabis use was observed among adults aged 50 or older. Many seniors look to CBD for its medicinal properties, to relieve everything from inflammation to poor sleep. CBD has also been shown to improve joint mobility, so it’s ideal for seniors who suffer from arthritis. This CBD oil from NatulabUSA contains 250 mg of CBD oil for easy and effective sublingual use, so your senior could get back to building puzzles with agile fingers.

3. Turntable (with Bluetooth)

bluetooth turntable

Get it on Amazon for around $65

Transport your senior back in time with this retro-style turntable from Crosley, available in three colors: red, blue, and striped. Made of wood and bound in leatherette material, the turntable doubles as a unique décor piece and conversation starter. They don’t have any vinyl records? The turntable offers Bluetooth capabilities to stream music from their favorite handheld device.

4. Toilet Golf

toilet golf mat

Get it on Amazon for around $11

Some seemingly useless gifts could actually improve a person’s life…or at least their golf game. This bathroom golf mat includes a putting green, two golf balls, a putter, a hole with flagstick, and even a “Do Not Disturb Sign” for practice sessions. Warning: recipients of this gift may take longer than normal in the bathroom.

5. Massage Shawl

massage shawl

Get it on Amazon for around $46

If your senior needs some post-golf relaxation, this massage shawl lets them schedule in some R&R without needing to go anywhere or do anything. Using heat therapy, the product relieves tension and fatigue and can be worn while watching TV or just before bed.

6. Single-Serve Coffeemaker

single serve k cup coffee maker

Get it on Amazon for around $60

Maybe your senior has been told to cut back on their caffeine intake, or they simply don’t drink as many cups as they used to. With this single-serve coffeemaker they can enjoy a cup without needing to brew a whole pot. Ideal for the older senior living on their own or the coupled senior whose better half prefers tea, this gift is compatible with most pods and employs a self-cleansing system for convenience. The single serve coffeemaker is also ideal for travel, should your senior decide to take that exotic trip after all.

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Erica Garza is an author and essayist from Los Angeles. Her writing has appeared in TIME, Health, Glamour, Good Housekeeping, Women’s Health and VICE.

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