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gifts for clean freaks

Even with spring cleaning behind us, the coronavirus pandemic continues to take over the world. With that, germaphobes are having an even more difficult time trying to keep everything clean around them. That is why these gifts for clean freaks are needed right now. Help them calm their nerves a little and be that nice person handing out gifts, even as a worldwide pandemic is taking place.

1. Cleaning Drill Brush Set

gifts for clean freaks - drill brush set

Get it on Tophatter for around $13

Help them get their bathroom shiny clean with this drill brush set. The set includes six non-scratch nylon scrub pads (in red, white and blue), one velcro backing pad and one universal steel shaft. The brush sticks to the drill and you can use it to deep clean those bathroom tiles or kitchen backsplash. The speed from the drill will allow you to get that dirt and grim out!

2. Frywall

gifts for clean freaks - frywall

Get it on Amazon for around $26

You just cleaned your stovetop and then you go to cook dinner and it is a mess all over again. Time to get that germaphobe a Frywall, which fits 12″ pans. This handy contraption will sit right inside your frying pan and allows for uninterrupted protection. You can still access the dish you are cooking, but the Frywall will help stop any grease from splattering on the stove or any spillovers from spaghetti sauce. No need to worry about filling the pan too much, as this will keep everything in place.

3. TubShroom

gifts for clean freaks - tubshroom

Get it on Amazon for around $13

When it comes to messes in the house, we all know the bathroom is home of some of the messiest. That includes the shower/bathtub, which is where we go to clean our own bodies. We wash our hair and it drains down the spout, but then it starts piling up and backing up the water. Worry no more, as this TubShroom allows you to easily collect all that hair and easily clean it out whenever you want!

The clean freak in your life will appreciate each and every one of these gifts. Help them spruce up their kitchen and bathroom and order yours today!

Shop the gifts for clean freaks here:

  1. Drill Brush Set
  2. Frywall
  3. TubShroom

Prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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