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It’s happened: Your bestie, boyfriend, sister, or roommate has become obsessed, watching 24-hour cycles of Food Network and a whole bunch of “Binging with Babish” on YouTube. You have a full-blown foodie on your hands. This can mean three things:

  1. You get to be the guinea pig for delicious recipes
  2. Get ready for your grocery bill to skyrocket with cost of special ingredients
  3. You need to find the PERFECT gift for their new foodie obsession

Finding the right gift for foodie is harder than it seems. There are a ton of options out there but how do you know if you found the right one? From unique gifts and gadgets to exquisite gourmet food that leaves their mouth-watering, there are plenty of ways you can go. Which is the right way?

We’ve narrowed it down to two categories so you can find the perfect gift for foodie, no matter what they are into in the kitchen.

The Baker

There is layer of flour covering every inch of the kitchen but a divine aroma is coming from the oven. You have a baker on your hands. In this case, we suggest you encourage them to keep on baking (and using you as a guinea pig, am I right?) with some baking equipment essentials. For instance, this gift for foodie has every budding baker knows you don’t measure ingredients by volume—instead, you measure by weight.  A digital cooking scale is the perfect place to start, as it’s more accurate when making sweet treats, breads, and other baked delights.

Now that they’ve mastered making dough, you’re probably looking for some unique inspiration and perhaps a suggestion on your foodie’s next kitchen triumph. Our suggestion? Get them a doughnut ejector! This handy tool will pump out perfectly round and delectable rings, ideal for plopping in the fryer and glazing with icing. Make sure they invite you over to their place for the first batch they make!

The Master Chef

If your foodie is looking for that “master chef” title, they’re going to need all the kitchen gear they can get. While we suggest getting them kitchen staples like good knives, cast-iron pans, or even a cutting board, it might be fun to get a bit zany (but still practical, of course) with your offerings. The silicon pour spout, for example, is a great tool for any foodie. Not only will it prevent pesky messes when pouring sauces or soups, but it is a great way to maintain the pristine presentation of a dish when looking to impress.

Want to cut back on your foodie’s prep time? Why not give their chopping hand a rest with a veggie and fruit slicer and dicer? It can get the job done in half the time and guarantee a much more precise cut.

Speaking of cut—the last thing a foodie needs in the kitchen is an injury. A burned hand can put a cook down for the count. Why not protect them with heat-proof cooking mitts? They’re great for grabbing baking sheets and casseroles from the oven, and can withstand the heat from their favorite fancy cast-iron cookware.

The Instagram Foodie

At the end of the day, some people believe that food is all about taking a pretty picture for Instagram. (Nothing wrong with that, of course.) So why not help their presentation with a little garnish? The best way to spruce up a dish is with a vegetable leaf stripper. After all, a strip of fresh herbs gives that pop of color and hint of added flavor to the top of the dish, and really distinguishes it from all the messy food pictures you see on people’s feeds.

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