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gifts for music lovers

Looking for the perfect gift for the music lover in your life? The best gifts for music lovers will help them enjoy music more, share it with friends, or show off their love of music to the world. Check out this list of seven awesome gifts your music-loving friend will adore.

Give Them Sing-Along Parties with a Karaoke Microphone

gifts for music lovers - wireless microphone

Get it on Amazon for around $20

Music is always better when you sing along—that’s why karaoke nights are among the busiest at any club. You can make karaoke even more fun for your music-loving friend with this Bluetooth karaoke microphone and speaker, available at for about $25. The mic includes a host of options allowing them to enhance their singing voice with special effects, add reverb, and cancel noise, so they can really let loose on their favorite songs. Take your gift to the next level by paying for a subscription to Sing by Smule for their Android or iPhone, so they can share their gift with the whole world via their favorite device.

Turn Music into Artwork with Vinyl LP Projects

Get it on Tophatter for around $13

Cater to your friend’s love of vinyl by turning old albums into wall art. You can buy a ready-made piece that incorporates old 33 rpms, or craft your own DIY homemade gift for something really special. Just hit a local flea market to pick out old LPs that fit their taste, then get creative. Put the album covers in a frame for unique wall art, or go all out with one of these artsy projects using LPs, 45s, and EPs.

Help Them Share the Music with an Audio Splitter



Get it on Amazon for around $15

Sharing a pair of earbuds may look cute in your favorite teen romcom, but when it comes to sharing music with friends, there are better ways to do it. This nifty audio splitter lets you plug up to four sets of earphones into a single audio output. It fits any device with a standard audio jack. It comes in a range of bright colors to suit most tastes.

Give Them Portable Music with an Awesome Outdoor Speaker


Get it on Amazon for around $27

Portable speakers are a gimme gift for any outdoorsy music lover, but let’s face it—not all portable speakers are created equal. This Bluetooth speaker offers a bunch of wanted features you won’t find in most others at this price point. It’s not only waterproof and shock-proof—it’s dust-proof, too, which is a must if it’s going to a beach party. Best of all, it doubles as a portable power bank, so your friend can recharge their phone in an emergency and keep the music going all night long.

Give Them Music to Wear with Sheet Music Jewelry


Get it on Amazon for around $25

Your musical friend will appreciate the chance to wear their love of music on their sleeve—literally, with a pair of cufflinks in the shape of treble clefs—or, if cufflinks are a bit too formal, choose a pair of earrings, a pendant, a watch, or even a complete, beautifully detailed set. From inexpensive trinkets to high-quality pieces of art, you’ll find a wide selection of musical jewelry with something to suit music lovers of all ages and genders.

Liven Up Their Table with Retro Record Coasters

Get it on Amazon for around $6

These retro record coasters are miniatures of original 45s from the golden years of music. Made of non-slip vinyl, they’ll protect bar tops and coffee tables from sweating beer bottles and cocktail glasses at music trivia night—and may spark some conversation and memories along the way.

Create a Custom Playlist Just for Them

The best gifts come straight from the heart. Old-school mixtapes may be a thing of the past. Curated custom playlists are a great way to capture the same sentiment. The easiest—and least expensive—option is YouTube, where you can create your own playlists and share them with a few select people, or the world. Choose meaningful songs, or just songs you know they’ll love—named just for them. They’ll appreciate the music and the effort you put into selecting it.

Whether your friend is a singer, a musician, or just someone who really digs music, one of these gifts is sure to hit just the right note. Pick one or more, and then watch their eyes light up.

Prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


Deb Powers is a freelance writer living and working in Massachusetts. She writes frequently about health, wellness, and lifestyle topics.

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