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gifts for soldiers to remind them of home

Anyone with a loved one in the military knows that holidays are not the only times that a gift from home is welcome. There are gifts you can send any time of year, including practical tools that are helpful in the field and thoughtful reminders of home. Here’s a combination of gifts for soldiers that will help you create a care package that accomplishes both.

1. Portable Solar Charger

Get it on Tophatter for around $32

If your soldier is out in the field for days at a time, this solar charger could come in handy. It’s an extra battery pack that’s charged by the sun. That way, he can charge his devices off good ol’ Mother Earth’s resources when there’s no electricity to be found, and it’s always refillable as long the sun rises. Soldiers may not always be in the most predictable situations, but that’s one thing they can count on.

2. Yeti Rambler

gifts for soldiers - yeti tumbler

Get it on Amazon for around $30

Pick a color, any color. Yeti’s insulated rambler mugs keep hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold — and that tends to be an underrated commodity. They look slick, and if your soldier is living off coffee or tea to stay fueled and alert, she’ll get tons of use out of this. Plus, the mugs are durable, which is necessary.

3. Personalized Pocket Coin

gifts for soldiers - pocket coin

Get it on Amazon for around $17

Sometimes the best gifts are practical. Other times, they’re personal. You can remind your soldier that you love him when he needs it most with this pocket coin. The best part is that you can personalize the message to make it special. It’s small and portable, so he can carry it with him and have it close whenever times get tough.

4. Socks

gifts for soldiers - wool socks

Get it on Tophatter for around $9

Even those who are not soldiers can always use socks and underwear, right? You can never have enough. That’s especially true for soldiers living in the field. A little cotton will go a long way. Keep it simple, or feel free to have fun with it and pick a punny pair that will make them laugh.

5. A Memorabilia Mug

gifts for soldiers - memorabilia mug

Get it on Tophatter for around $12

If she has a favorite show or movie, a funny piece of memorabilia like a mug or T-shirt could give her a good chuckle (and let’s face it, sometimes that is the best gift to give someone in her shoes). What you pick depends on what you know she loves, but it could be a Dwight from The Office-themed mug. Maybe she is more into “Game of Thrones.” Don’t worry, there’s a mug for that, too.

6. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

gifts for soldiers - bluetooth speaker

Get it on Tophatter for around $35

Soldiers are a little better off when they can listen to their favorite music. It’s a mood booster. It could also be the center of a good time with their fellow soldiers when they have downtime. It’s also a way for them to think back on favorite memories, such as a wedding song or a song that’s associated with a childhood experience. In that case, consider a durable, waterproof speaker that can keep spirits high.

At the end of the day, you know your soldier better than anyone on the internet, so think of what will make him happy and box it up. It could be photos, practical electronics he can use, instant coffee packets, or swag that will make him laugh. Tastes and smells from home are always a safe bet, and throw in a deck of cards for good measure. What’s inside the box counts, but just seeing your name on the box will brighten his day.

Shop for your favorite soldier here:

  1. Solar charger
  2. Yeti’s insulated rambler mugs
  3. Pocket coin
  4. Socks
  5. Underwear
  6. Punny pair of underwear
  7. Dwight from The Office-themed mug
  8. Game of Thrones mug
  9. Durable, waterproof speaker

Prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


Crista Worthy writes about aviation, travel, wildlife, and more from her home in Idaho.

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