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Many of us dream of a job that offers the opportunity to travel, but the reality can be quite a wake-up call. Inching through airport security, rushing to make the gate, or just long hours in the driving seat can all take the shine off travel. If that’s where your friend finds themselves right now, brighten up their time on the road with the gift of these ingenious gadgets and devices to put the fun back.

1. Battery Boosters

gifts for travelers - wireless charger

Get it on Tophatter for around $9

Keeping a phone fully topped up — or at least primed for an emergency — is practically the first law of travel. To make sure your friend always has enough juice to pick up messages, chat, or send pictures, try gifting one of the next-generation chargers that get the job done quickly. Like the sleek QI Wireless Charger for the car, or a slim but sturdy portable power bank, with enough power to recharge an iPhone 8 times. When they’re truly off grid and away from a power source, they’ll thank you for the handheld emergency dynamo charger to crank out a few precious watts.

2. Staying Organized

gifts for travelers - magnetic wallet case

Get it on Tophatter for around $15

When you’re whisking through airports or stations, you want to know where all your important documents are when you need them. At the same time, you don’t want thieves or scammers to know where to access your credit cards and cash. Give your friend the peace of mind that everything is secure and organized, either with a magnetic wallet case with smartphone protector or an RFID blocking lock wallet to keep cards and passports away from scammers with scanners.

3. Travel in Style

gifts for travelers - manicure set

Get it on Tophatter for around $18

Spending a few hours in the dry atmosphere of an airplane cabin or passing through lounges blasted with air conditioning will take a toll on even the freshest face. For a quick pit stop in the restroom to restore color and energy, try the travel 8 piece lipstick set and eyebrow pencil set to take care of the essentials. For the friend who’s more adventurous on their travels, a First Aid kit is a must for seeing off any illnesses or minor injuries, while this stylish 18-piece manicure and pedicure kit is a lifesaver when you realize there are no clippers or tweezers in the hotel room.

4. Communication Made Simple

gifts for travelers - voice translator

Get it on Tophatter for around $60

Until the day when we are able to communicate exclusively through memes and emojis, there’s the small matter of international languages getting in the way of easy conversation. Not if you give your friend a multi-language voice translator, however, which connects with Bluetooth to deliver 26 languages to their earphones. Say goodbye in 26 languages to misunderstandings.

5. Put Comfort First

gifts for travelers - travel pillow

Get it on Amazon for around $20

You can tell an experienced traveler from the accessories they carry to make the journey ahead more comfortable. Top of the list is a travel pillow for napping on a layover or getting the full eight hours rest en route. A pair of compression socks can also work magic, reinvigorating tired legs after schlepping between terminals and avoiding swollen ankles from flying at altitude. 

6. Memories for Sharing

gifts for travelers - waterproof camera

Get it on Tophatter for around $32

Wherever your friend has been on their travels to work, you’ll be the one to hear all about it. Why not make it easier for them to record their memories on the road? This 2-inch HD car camera will record everything from the dash for posterity while this waterproof 4K outdoor camera is perfect for recording vlog content. After all, no travel tale is complete without the pictures to prove it.

Still stuck for inspiration? You can find plenty more tips and tricks for both gifting and travel here. Enjoy!

Shop the collection:

  1. QI Wireless Charger
  2. Portable power bank
  3. Handheld emergency dynamo charger
  4. Magnetic wallet case
  5. RFID blocking lock wallet
  6. 8 piece lipstick set
  7. Eyebrow pencil set
  8. First Aid kit
  9. 18-piece manicure and pedicure kit
  10. Multi-language voice translator
  11. Travel pillow
  12. Compression socks
  13. 2-inch HD car camera
  14. Waterproof 4K outdoor camera


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