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gifts for uber drivers

2020 has definitely be a stressful time for many people. The unknown has many people feeling anxious, but intensify that when your only source of income comes from being an Uber or Lyft driver. Having complete strangers in your car can be scary enough for some people, but now trying to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible is even more stressful. That is why rideshare drivers need some love, so share it with them with these gifts for Uber drivers.

Air Purifier

gifts for uber drivers - air purifier

Get it on Tophatter for around $3

It can get a little stinky and dingy in anyone’s car, but then add in the fact that many people are entering and leaving this car in a day or week. That is why this USB-powered air purifier is the perfect gift idea for an Uber driver. The air purifier uses a carbon fiber brush system to emit healthy negative ions into the air. These negative ions then attach themselves to air molecules and any impure particles in the air and negatively charge them. This allows the emitted negative ions to purify the air and remove toxic substances, including the dust, odors and molds. Perfect for an Uber driver!

Car Seat Organizer

gifts for uber drivers - car seat back organizer

Get it on Tophatter for around $11

Any good Uber driver is going to have snacks and treats for their riders to enjoy, especially if they want that 5-star rating. The perfect way to store those snacks and drinks would be this hanging car seat organizer. Not only does the organizer feature an insulated drink bag, which would allow you to keep cold drinks on hand, but it also offers a Kleenex holder. Store treats, candy bars, hand sanitizer and whatever else you want in this and it is a great addition to any back seat!

Barf Bags

gifts for uber drivers - barf bags

Get it on Amazon for around $19

We have all seen or heard of those Uber driver horror stories. No one wants one of their riders to get sick in the back seat. That is going to get messy and very dirty. Help save that trouble and throw some of these barf bags into that storage organizer in your back seat! These bags are a handy way to hopefully keep your back seat clean, but also an easy way to get rid of that stinky smell with one toss into the garbage!

Uber drivers can be stressed right now thanks to this pandemic, so help spread some love to them and pick up some of these gifts for Uber drivers today!

Shop all the gifts for Uber drivers here:

  1. USB Air Purifier
  2. Hanging Car Organizer
  3. Barf Bags

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