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If you’re missing the interaction with your work bestie in these times of socially distanced workplaces and Zoom meetings, you’re not alone. Some of us absolutely thrive on office camaraderie. Water cooler conversations and Monday morning gripe sessions are time-honored stress-busters, and they’re gone, just like that, right when they’re most needed. If you’re missing your work bestie, why not let them know how much they mean to you? Check out these awesome ideas for a gift for a coworker you miss, just to let them know you’re thinking of them.

1. Bring a Little Life Into Their Home With a Desktop Planter

gifts for work bestie - desktop planter

Get it on Amazon for around $21

Zoom meetings aren’t all bad. You actually get a little peek into the homes of your work friends, and can send them little gifts to liven the place up a bit. Liven is the operative word: This little desktop stand features three bulb vases that are perfect for holding cut flowers or cuttings from live plants. Make it extra special by dropping off some cuttings from your own favorite houseplant — observing proper social distancing, of course.

2. Share an Inside Joke With the “Have a Nice Day” Coffee Mug

gifts for work bestie - have a nice day mug

Get it on Tophatter for around $14

No one ever has enough coffee mugs, and this one is a little extra. The message printed on the front is a totally appropriate “Have a Nice Day,” but when you tilt it up to drain the last sips, it reveals your true feelings with the universal extended middle finger of displeasure. When she lifts her Have a Nice Day coffee cup during the next meeting, you’ll know exactly what she thinks of the boss’s latest idea. If she’s careful, though, no one else will have a clue.

3. Desktop Humidifier Will Purify Their Air

gifts for work bestie - mountain view aromatherapy diffuser

Get it on Tophatter for around $1

Folks are making use of all sorts of odd spaces for their WFH offices, and the conditions aren’t always ideal. A little desktop humidifier can counteract dry, stale air and help prevent chapped lips and dry skin, and this one is pretty to look at as well. The BPA-free Mountain View Aromatherapy Diffuser features a clear globe surrounding a sculptured mountain, lit by a color-adjustable LED light. Add a set of aromatherapy oils to give your gift yet another dimension. They’ll be grateful for your gift all year round.

4. USB Mug Warmer Provides Hot Coffee Any Time

gifts for work bestie - usb mug warmer

Get it on Tophatter for around $8

Friends don’t let friends drink cold coffee. Back-to-back Zoom meetings often mean you’re stuck with exactly that, though. A USB-powered mug warmer is the ideal way to keep coffee at the perfect drinkable temperature. It’s sized to fit the desktop, and includes a 3-foot charging cable for plenty of room to reach the nearest USB plug.

5. Send Them a Whiff of Home With a Homesick Candle

gifts for work bestie - homesick candle

Get it on Amazon for around $30

The scent of a beloved place can instantly transport you there, which makes these “Homesick” candles sort of like magic travel engines. Whether your office bestie is missing home, or just missing the ability to get out and roam around the city, your gift will be a welcome stress reliever. The candles are available in scents for each of the 50 United States.

6. Help Protect Their Eyes With Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

gifts for work bestie - blue light blocking glasses

Get it on Tophatter for around $13

Long days glued to the computer screen can really play havoc with your eyes, and somehow, working from home means you spend a whole lot more time in front of that blue-light emitter. Whether you’re treating yourself — because you deserve some love, too — or an office pal, this set of stylish protective glasses provides four color options to liven up a wardrobe while soothing tired eyes.

7. Ergonomic Seat Cushion Gets Rid of that Pain in the Butt

gifts for work bestie - seat cushion

Get it on Tophatter for around $33

For many people, one of the hardest (literally) adjustments to make when switching to a home office is their office chair. Your kitchen stool, couch or favorite easy chair was not meant to support you while you put in eight hours at your desk. A new office chair might be beyond your budget, but you can help ease that pain in the backside with a less-expensive option — a cooling gel-based supportive seat cushion designed to align your posture and take the pressure off your bottom. Your friend will thank you from the bottom of their bottom.

8. Tea It Up Through the Numi Tea Collection

gifts for work bestie - numi organic tea sampler

Get it on Amazon for around $24

You may not be able to get together for a tea-sipping session in the break room, but you can still share tea together. The Numi Organic Tea Collection includes 45 bags of gourmet teas in nine varieties. It comes packaged in a pretty, reusable wicker gift box, and the tea is pesticide-free and kind to the planet, making it a win-win for any tea lover.

9. Give Them a Clean Background in a Chair-Mount Green Screen

gifts for work bestie - chair mount green screen

Get it on Tophatter for around $65

Zoom meetings are so much less stressful when you’re not worrying that everyone is judging your bookshelves or that pile of laundry behind you. With a chair-mount green screen, your friend can easily display any background they choose while on a Zoom call — they can even upload their own photos to use as a background. Just send the link to the instruction for how to use virtual backgrounds on Zoom after you send the green screen so they can make good use of it.

10. Send a Little Pampering Their Way With a Spa Gift Basket

gifts for work bestie - spa gift basket

Get it on Amazon for around $17

What better way to say “I care” than to send along a lovely basket of gifts meant to pamper your friend. Chances are, getting away to the spa for a mental health day isn’t an option right now. However, you can send along everything they need to enjoy a relaxing day of pampering themselves at home. You can put together your own gift basket, or take the easy way out and have one made up and delivered for you.

Buy one for yourself, too, and the two of you — or the whole office gang — can get together for a virtual spa day.

Of course, the best gift you can give your office bestie is your continued friendship. Even though you may not be seeing each other at the office daily, you can continue to check in with them and let them know how much you miss and appreciate their company.

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