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While most friends would love to be taken out for a lavish, bubbly brunch or whisked away on a pampering spa retreat, this simply wouldn’t work for your workaholic friend. You know who we’re talking about—the one who never makes it to happy hour and always checks email on the weekends.

Is it possible to support their career-focused mind while gently nudging them towards some R&R? If you’re in a bind trying to figure out what to get your friend who rarely takes a personal day, get something only a workaholic would love. Here are our favorite gifts for workaholics to help them wind down, stay busy, or something in between.

1. Portable Coffee Maker


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Your friend will never have to wait in line for her morning caffeine jolt again with this hand-powered, portable coffee machine. It has a built-in espresso cup and does not require electricity, so she can enjoy liquid energy anytime, anywhere—even right before entering the boardroom for that next big presentation.

2. Shower Curtain with iPad Pocket


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If your friend stops checking email only when he’s in the shower, now he doesn’t have to. This transparent shower curtain features pockets big enough for iPads and smartphones alike, so they can stay on top of work even when shampooing.

3. Electronics Organizer


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Your friend might have all the latest gadgets, but are her cords always tangling into a jumbled mess? This electronics pouch keeps phones, ear buds, chargers, and other small electronics organized neatly so she can access her goods when needed. Fashionable and practical, the pouch comes in three colors: yellow, dark blue, and watermelon red.

4. Wireless Tracker


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When your friend is in a hurry, the last thing he needs is to misplace his phone or keys. This wireless tracker can quickly and conveniently locate his phone, keys, wallet, remote control, and even his pet. The tracker also emits a loud beep if he’s misplaced his phone. Easy-to-install with a long battery life, this tracker is truly the busy person’s best friend.

5. Chair Massage Cushion


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If your friend spends most of her time at her desk or driving from meeting to meeting, she’s likely to suffer from back pain now and then. This chair massage cushion helps relieve tension so she can go from sitting to moving without scheduling a trip to the chiropractor.

6. Bath Wine Caddy


Get it on Tophatter for around $21

Encourage your busy friend to practice some self-care by making an evening bath even more enticing with a glass of wine. This bath wine caddy not only has enough space for a bottle of wine, but snacks and maybe even a book if he prefers to keep his brain turned on.

7. Passport Holder


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Your friend might always skip happy hour, but maybe a vacation isn’t out of the question. This passport holder might be just the nudge she needs to finally take that trip she’s been postponing. If she seems hesitant, remind her that most places in the world have Wi-Fi. Wouldn’t she rather check her email from some exotic beach cabana?

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Erica Garza is an author and essayist from Los Angeles. Her writing has appeared in TIME, Health, Glamour, Good Housekeeping, Women’s Health, and VICE.

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