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When the holidays come around, a lot of traveling for people to visit their family and friends. While those visits can be fun, festive, and rewarding, the traveling is always hard. Why not make that holiday traveling more fun and, for the first time ever, more cute? If that sounds good, you should be handing out this fox travel pillow to everyone you know!

Stand Out In The Crowd

When traveling by plane, you will see a lot of people bringing out their travel pillow. It’s a common thing to see, as no one wants to sleep on the plane with their neck in a very peculiar position. That is where the travel pillow comes into play, as it will give you the neck support you need. It helps reduce cervical spine pressure and prevent cervical vertebra. While everyone has a travel pillow, have you seen any as cute as this fox travel pillow? We think not. It’s every bit as supportive and functional, with the bonus of making you smile when you carry it around.

Perfect For Kids and Adults

This fox travel pillow is made from spandex, which makes the surface both warm and soft and skin friendly. It is perfectly sized for both children and adults since it is open at the front and can adjust to any neck size. You can use it for both travel and at home, since it’s also comfortable when reading or watching tv on the couch.

Easy To Care For

To keep your fox travel pillow clean (you know, in case you have an onboard Bloody Mary spill), you can wash it by hand in cold water, or just spot clean with a cloth and a drop of diluted dish soap. But really, his travel pillow is truly about taking care of yourself. It will make your holiday journeys more comfortable—hello plane nap!—and give you a reason to smile, even if you’re standing in the TSA line.


Get it on Amazon for around $16. Coming in at 7.05oz and measuring 12.9″ by 12.2″, this could be the travel pillow you need for this upcoming traveling season.

Prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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