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As we make our way through 2019, we have more and more electronics thrown our way. With that comes more and more cords to deal with. You’d assume by this time things would come without cords and less stress, right? Well, they do, as our great gift idea today helps out those electronic-loving people in your life with these wireless headset Bluetooth headphones!

Forget Those Cords

We’ve all been there before. You head out to go to the gym or for a run or waiting for the school bus. You go to put your headphones in, as you want to listen to some music and drown out all the people around you. However, it takes you 30 minutes just to untangle all the wires and now your workout is done!

Our Great Gift Idea Will Help

Don’t turn out like that guy above and get yourself our great gift idea today! This wireless headset will pair perfectly with your Android or iOS device. All you need to do is sync the two together and instead of having to untangle the cords, you just pop them in your ears and you are good to go.

Well Worth It


Get it on Tophatter for a starting bid of $1

This wireless headset is available on Tophatter and it gets even better. Right now, you can get in on the action for these amazing wireless headphones for a starting bid of just $1. I mean, you can’t beat that price anywhere, but this great gift idea will make your kids or spouse or friends very happy and move you up the list for their favorite person!

The Details

This great gift idea includes one pair of Bluetooth headphones, one USB charging cable and one charge box to plug the headphones in to regain all their power!

These headphones will not disappoint either, as they contain intelligent noise reduction and will give you the safety you need behind the wheel to drive and call at the same time, so no need to hold that phone! An added bonus: You can turn it into two separate bluetooth headset with HD surround sound quality.

Keep everyone on your shopping list happy and order yours today!

Prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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