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how to be more productive at home without a phone

However did we fill our time before smartphones arrived on the scene? Given that each of us spends an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes per day on our phone, that’s a lot of time to fill. It’s one thing if you’re doing something you really enjoy like connecting with friends, shopping, or organizing your day, but many of us spend a lot of those hours mindlessly scrolling. That’s not satisfying or productive. If you want to put the productivity back in your evenings, try these simple phone-free tips and tricks to get more done at home.

1. Cook Up a Storm

how to be more productive - knife sharpener

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If the pinging of a microwave is just another notification to go with those from your phone, you’re missing out on the relaxing benefits of home cooking from scratch. By setting aside time to prepare, cook, and savor a healthy meal, you’re far better positioned to cook something that’s nutritious, tasty, and cheaper than a ready-prepared dinner, particularly if you discover the joys of meal prepping. You might need a little kit to get started. A knife sharpener, for example, will keep your blades safer than tired, dull blades. Experiment with global cuisine, from a corn peeler for Mexican-inspired dishes to a sushi kit for some Japanese flavors.

2. Decorate Your Space

how to be more productive - family tree

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Your phone knows how to personalize every message and feed to your profile. Why not do the same for the space you live in by adding your own distinctive flourish? You’ll find that you’re more relaxed and productive in an ambiance that is in harmony with your mind. Brighten up your living room or bedroom with a little funky lighting (which happens to be energy-saving too) and add a splash of color with some wall art, like these beautiful oil paintings. Create a conversation piece that visitors will love with a wall-mounted Family Tree that you can decorate with your favorite photos.

Essential Kit

how to be more productive - drill bit set

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For a professional job, we recommend our 50-piece drill set for any DIY project.

3. Unleash Your Creativity

how to be more productive - drawing tablet

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Too many of us haven’t picked up a paint brush or coloring pen since we were children, but it’s a great activity to rediscover once you’re ready to put down your phone. In fact, drawing and painting have proven therapeutic benefits for reducing stress. Doing something that has no end goal or objective doesn’t mean you’re not being productive. Try our drawing tablet for some soothing doodling or snap up a pack of color gel pens and sit down at the kitchen table with the family for an inspired session of art.

4. Home Workout

how to be more productive - leggings

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Only one in three of us does the recommended amount of exercise per week, but even if you can only do 10 minutes you’ll feel more energized and productive. There’s no need to sign up for a gym membership. Just clear some space at home, lay down a yoga mat, slip on some leggings, and work through some simple stretches and poses to boost circulation and increase strength. If you’re really aiming for results, we recommend our 14-piece body trainer which will help you reveal your best shape if you can just find the time.

5. Smart Cleaning

how to be more productive - storage bag

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Tidying up is back in fashion, thanks to de-cluttering gurus such as Marie Kondo. Not only is it liberating mentally to restore order to your living space, but you’ll save time by knowing exactly where everything is when you need it. Start off by storing away your unsightly blankets and quilts in our colorful bags so that they’ll last longer, then collect all your loose knickknacks into aesthetically pleasing storage cubes. Of course, if you really want to be productive, you can let our rechargeable smart robot take care of your vacuum cleaning while you make some space.

Looking for more inspirational ideas on how to get more out of your living space—or even your workspace. You’ll find plenty of tips and tricks, as well as gifting ideas, here.


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