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Are you ready to blend?

Maybe you’re trying to eat more fruits and vegetables and are getting really into smoothies lately. Maybe you’re trying to master the World’s Best Margarita. Maybe you want to make your own almond milk or you just love milkshakes. In any case, it’s great timing, because modern, high-power blenders are straight-up amazing.

High-power blenders are just that: really, really powerful. At at least 1,000 watts (that’s more power than the Shop Vac in your garage), they’re make-frozen-strawberries cry powerful. If you’ve seen these blenders them on TV and read great reviews, you can’t help but want one, but there’s just one problem. Just because you want to pulverize fruits and vegetables doesn’t mean you want to do the same to your budget, and high-power blenders can cost between $300 and $600.

You don’t have to spend three digits on a great blender.

Now’s the part when you wonder, have they found a better deal? Oh yes, indeed. It’s called the MiracleBlend D1, and through an exclusive deal between the manufacturer eufy and Tophatter, you can get this miraculous modern blender for $66.

With a 1200-watt motor, the MiracleBlend D1 has all the juice you need to, well, make great whole-fruit juice. But it doesn’t just pack a wattage wallop—it’s designed with other smart details to make it your favorite thing in the kitchen, like:

  • A vortex-shaped pitcher to help direct food into the blades for a smooth blend with needing a lot of poking and stirring
  • Stainless steel blades with a precision angle of 92.5 degrees that spin at 32,000 rpm
  • A BPA-free cup with a vacuum-sealed cup so you can save leftovers with no spills
  • Easy-to-use dial settings with a cleaning mode, so you never have to squish a sponge down in there with your hand

And it’s 66 bucks, a price you won’t find anywhere else. Are visions of perfect smoothies dancing in your head yet? It’s a limited time, exclusive price, so if you want to be the real Smoothie King or Margarita Queen, jump on this deal now.

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