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how to hang pictures without nails

When you live in an apartment building, noisy neighbors and strict landlords aren’t the only things you might have to worry about. Using nails to hang up wall posters and paintings can automatically result in having money withheld from your security deposit when you’re ready to move out, and no one wants to deal with that. Thankfully, resigning yourself to bare walls isn’t the only solution. Here are four surefire ways to put up posters, photos, and your latest paint-by-number masterpiece without damaging the walls.

Use Command Strips

how to hang up pictures without nails - command strips

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There’s no need to search for a hammer and nails when you want to hang up your beloved movie posters and art pieces. Command strips are one of the most popular (and one of the easiest) alternatives to nails. Start by reading the package label to see how heavy of an object the Command strips can support.

As a general rule, large strips can hold objects that weigh up to 16 pounds, while smaller ones can typically handle something that is up to four pounds. Pay careful attention to the weight and size restrictions so you don’t have to worry about your pictures crashing down a few days after you put it up.

how to hang up pictures without nails - tree photo frame stickers

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Use a few Command strips for large art pieces and photo frames to make sure they’ll adhere to the wall. Then simply follow the instructions to attach the strips to the wall and make sure the adhesive sticks. (Alternatively, you can even buy an adhesive photo tree to highlight photos of your entire family).

Use Crown Molding

how to hang up pictures without nails - black and white photo

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If you live in an older home or apartment, there’s a good chance you might have some crown molding on the top of your walls. And while it may just look like an architectural statement, it can also double as a place that you can hang artwork and photos from. Purchase hooks that fit snugly over the molding, and use framing wire to connect picture frames to the hooks. (Pro tip: Artsy black-and-white photos look especially dapper when displayed in this fashion).

Use Clothespins and String

how to hang up pictures without nails - clothespins

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If you want to show off artsy Polaroid photos from your most recent vacation or cutesy pictures of your kids, attach some thin string to the wall using clear masking tape. Next, use clothespins to attach photos to the string. It’s an eye-catching, Pinterest-approved way to add color, warmth, and depth to your walls. (If you prefer, you can use LED lights instead of string).

Avoid Walls Altogether

Of course, hanging your prized possessions on your walls isn’t the only solution. You can also get creative and find other ways to display your cherished pieces without relying on wall space. For example, you can showcase pictures on a bookshelf, set up an easel for a particularly notable piece of art, or arrange paintings on the fireplace mantel (underneath stockings filled with hilarious stocking stuffers, of course). If you’re feeling particularly inspired, place a rustic-looking ladder in a corner and use it as a makeshift art display.

how to hang up pictures without nails - paint by numbers photo

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From Command strips to clothespins, displaying artwork and photos without nails is an easy and inexpensive endeavor. Looking for more artwork to display on your walls? We’ve got you covered.

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Rebekah Bell is a writer who lives in Los Angeles.

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