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Remote working is here to stay. The morning conference call, with cats and kids included, could well grow from an occasional option to an established way to work. Instead of spending almost an hour a day commuting to and from the office, many of us are now discovering we can do our job just as effectively from a home office. In fact, almost 40 percent of American employees could work from home if allowed. If you’re thinking of setting up a workstation at home, here’s how to organize a desk so that it’s a match for any office setup.

1. All-in-one Solutions

how to organize a desk - desk organizer

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The simplest way to organize your assorted desk items and office desk accessories is to install an all-in-one desk organizer with room for all your stationery supplies and instruments. You can either choose a portable version that you can take from room to room, or a fixed organizer with a stand for your monitor. It doesn’t have to look corporate—add your own flourish with a more stylish organizer for pens and knickknacks.

2. Keeping Your Desktop Tidy

how to organize a desk - book ends

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If keeping on task means you’re regularly reaching for files, reports, and reference books, you don’t want to clutter up valuable space with a desktop of books. Keep them all neat and organized with a pair of bookends. Be warned, however, that your cat will inevitably claim that smooth line of books as a preferred resting place.

3. Pens and Pencils

how to organize a desk - storage rack

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Unleash your inner school teacher with a holder for organizing your pens, pencils, and highlighters. Short of space? Choose a collapsible pen pot, or go for a metal pen holder for a little more finesse. To prevent pens and pencils from rolling onto the floor, slide in a flat storage rack.

4. Files and Papers

how to organize a desk - desk tidy

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As much you’d like to achieve a paperless office, it’s more likely that you’ll accumulate invoices, receipts, and other printouts. These could look messy, but not when they’re squared away into a sleek, stylish mesh desk tidy. No room on the desktop? No problem! You can also arrange your documents and papers in cascading hanging files in easy reach of your workspace.

5. Phone Storage

how to organize a desk - phone holder

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When your phone rings or you hear the ping announcing the latest notification, you don’t want to scrabble around among coffee cups and papers to find it. Keep your phone handy with a space-saving phone holder or mount it on an adjustable stand for hands-free video calls. It will also keep your phone free from scratches or spills.

6. Smart Wires

how to organize a desk - cable clips

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Set up your phone, your laptop, and any other peripherals and you’ll find a nest of wires writhing across your work surface. An easy way to run each cable smoothly to its destination is with adhesive cable clips to prevent tangles. Some colored cable ties for quick reference will help you identify the correct wire for each item in a hurry. Keep everything powered up and primed for action with a multi-port USB charger.

7. Weekly Planner

how to organize a desk - calendar and planner

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Your phone or office calendar will never miss a chance to alert you to the next video call or meeting, but some people prefer the conventional approach to organizing their working day. A desktop calendar and planner is great for taking notes or doodling, as is a classic notepad and to-do list.

Maintaining a tidy desk at home is a great way to keep mentally focused and organized. Remember that it’s also likely to be the backdrop for your calls with colleagues, so it’s also an opportunity to show off a work area that’s free of clutter.

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