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how to reward yourself for reaching goals

When you’re working hard—whether you are striving toward a health-related goal, a career milestone, or some other personal achievement—it’s important to reward yourself along the journey. Master a new exercise? Treat yourself. Have a breakthrough at the office? Treat yourself. Do something outside your comfort zone? Most definitely treat yourself. Here’s how to reward yourself for sticking to your resolutions.

1. Create Zen Spaces

how to reward yourself - meditation pillows

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You’re kicking butt and taking names, so make sure your environment at home is calm and relaxing. It should help you recover from tough workouts and stressful days. An aromatherapy humidifier can easily transform any room from a chaotic space into a zen zone. Throw some meditation pillows in the corner and play calming music when you need to unwind.

2. Buy a Foam Letter Board

how to reward yourself - foam letter board

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Sometimes you need a little nudge to stay the course. Invest in a foam letter board and put it in a place that you walk by every day. Leave yourself friendly words of wisdom and post motivational quotes that keep you going strong toward the next milestone.

3. Outsource Your Chores

how to reward yourself - robot vacuum

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Just do it. Buy yourself a robot vacuum. But wait, who wants cleaning tools as a treat-yourself gift? Think about it this way: The less time you spend cleaning, the more time you have to spend doing things you love, working toward a promotion, and making time for spin class three days a week. A robot vacuum can take on the heavy lifting around the house while you pursue your passions.

4. Use Recovery Tools

how to reward yourself - percussive therapy gun

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If you’re exercising more, it might be time to step up your recovery game as well. When you work hard, you have to recover hard. So reward yourself with a percussive therapy gun. It can help reduce soreness, release tight muscles and increase your range of motion. Not that high-tech? Try something as simple as a foam roller or trigger point balls.

5. Stay on Track With a Smartwatch

how to reward yourself - smartwatch

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Another great way to reward yourself is with gadgets that make it easy to keep taking care of yourself and not give up on your goals. Try out a smartwatch that tracks your activity and set daily movement goals so you can keep challenging yourself.

6. Take a Trip to Your Hometown

how to reward yourself - homesick candles

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Don’t worry: There’s no airfare required. When home is too far away and you need a reminder of your roots to keep you focused and grounded, a candle can save you a trip. Homesick Candles’ scents are meant to remind you of your home by state or major city.

7. Relieve Stress With a Foot Massager

how to reward yourself - foot massager

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It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Stick this foot massager under your desk or near the couch so you can give your feet the TLC they deserve after long days. After all, they put in long hours getting you from place to place as you work hard and socialize.

All in all, remember to be kind to yourself—especially when you’re pushing new limits to achieve your goals and resolutions. You’re bound to experience a hiccup and feel like giving up at some point (we’re only human), and having a treat-yourself moment can be the just the thing to rejuvenate your mindset.

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Catherine Conelly is a former beauty and health editor turned freelance writer and digital marketer. She’s written for Shape, Thrillist, PopSugar and StyleCaster. Her work has also appeared on Forbes, Entrepreneur, the Glassdoor blog, and Adidas Game Plan A.

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