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daily gift happy - vegetable cutter

After a hectic and “eat all the sweets in front of me” holiday season, a lot of us might need a little detox when it comes to a new year. That is what January 2020 is all about, and we have a great way to make that happen. We think you’ll be excited to eat more veggies and fewer cookies when you snag this vegetable cutter from Tophatter for around $22!

I Don’t Need A Vegetable Cutter

Yeah, it’s not like we haven’t heard that one before! Yes, you have knives in your house, so you can cut up your veggies fine and dandy. We aren’t saying that, but we are saying you do need this vegetable cutter in your life!

This NioChef Mandoline Slicer will quickly and efficiently transform your fruits and vegetables. For those that love to meal prep, this is the veggie cutter you are looking for! With no effort at all, this mandoline slicer will cut your food using one of five interchangeable blades. These blades allow for regular, mandolin and julienne designs quickly and easily, no matter what your knife skills are like.

Easy To Clean

I’ll admit it, cutting up vegetables and fruits can get messy. You have all the seeds and rinds everywhere on the counter. Not when it comes to this vegetable cutter from Tophatter though! Your purchase comes with a food container base, which will catch all of your cuts and help keep your kitchen clean. The slicer doesn’t contain any tricky corners or grooves, so it makes cleaning easy. Either rinse it clean in the sink or throw it in the dishwasher!

All About The Looks

Hey, if you are taking the time to cook a dish, you might as well make it look good, right? Especially if that dish is for company or just for getting yourself excited for cooking at home. That’s where this vegetable cutter comes into play, as the different blades allow you to cut an even cut and a pretty design, if you want it. Spice up that salad, stir fry, or sheet pan dinner by cutting the vegetable into perfect, even pieces.

daily gift happy - vegetable cutter

Get it on Tophatter for around $22

With all those pretty dishes, you are going to need storage bowls for the leftovers! Thankfully it is veggies and fruits we are talking about here, so no need to feel guilty when eating the whole dish!

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