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living room decor ideas for summer hangout spot

Summertime, and the living is easy—but is your living room still wearing its winter coat? Hey, we get it. Changing out your whole living room can be an expensive proposition. You don’t have to spend a fortune to give your home a summer facelift. Check out these creative living room decor ideas that will  summarize your living room without busting your budget.

1. Give Your Furniture a Facelift


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Couches, armchairs, loveseats, futons, recliners—those big pieces of furniture take up a lot of eyespace in a room. That makes them a natural starting point when you want to make big changes to the mood. What’s the easiest way to change the look of your sofas and loveseats? Stretch slipcovers! They’re inexpensive, durable, washable — and there’s no need for all the fuss and muss of typical slipcovers. Best of all, if you shop around, you can find them in a full palette of summery colors that will give your living room an immediate seasonal facelift.

2. Let the Sunshine In


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Get rid of those heavy winter drapes and let the sun shine in. Simple sheer panels in your favorite summer colors offer the perfect compromise between heavy curtains and naked windows. White sheers are always a good choice — they have a fresh, clean feel that makes everything brighter — but solid pastels can soften that harsh sunlight and give it a cool edge. Can’t decide between them? Pick an ombre that shades from white to color so smoothly you won’t be able to tell where the color changes. Here’s a pro-tip: Pick two colors of sheers and hang one behind the other to get a shifting play of color that’s a treat for the eyes.

3. Enhance the Breeze


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Next to the ice cream man, wind chimes may be the most iconic summer sound ever created. Bring the sound indoors to enjoy the soft tinkling of the bells whenever a breeze passes through. You can really amp up the summer vibe by adding a tabletop fountain to bring in the soothing, cooling sound of falling water.

4. Get Into the Swing of Things


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A traditional hammock might carry the idea of those lazy-hazy-crazy days of summer a little too far, but consider a hammock chair if your ceiling can support it. Otherwise, spring for a metal hammock chair frame next to the window. Add a small patio table nearby for your drink, and you’ve got the perfect spot to while away a summer afternoon with a good book, or hanging out with friends.

5. Add a Pop of Summery Color


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Brighten up the living room with summertime brights — turquoise and pink, yellow and lime green — in prints and patterns. The easiest way to add a pop of color to any room is with throw pillows scattered on the couch, chairs — even the floor. Cushion covers with seashells, daisies, or palm trees add a bit of summer seasoning to the room. Other options include abstract prints and solid colors to match your design aesthetic. Zip them over your cushions and voila! Instant summer vibe.

6. Put Fairy Lights Anywhere


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Overhead lights and table lamps do more than light up your room: They can actually raise the temperature. On the other hand, sitting in the dark is just oppressive. Fairy lights provide the perfect touch for summer evenings. They just seem to add a touch of magic to any environment. Make it easy on yourself by choosing battery-operated fairy light strings. You can put them anywhere without worrying about running wires to power outlets. When the sun goes down, let the fairies bring in the summertime vibe.

Redecorating your living room for summer doesn’t have to put you in the poorhouse. A little creativity and some smart shopping can turn your living room into your favorite place to hang out this summer.

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Deb Powers is a freelance writer living and working in Massachusetts. She writes frequently about health, wellness, and lifestyle topics.

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