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A lot of people have gained some weight during quarantine. Forced to stay home and nothing to do to pass their time, so what do you do? Apparently eat all our quarantine snacks in one week and bake a lot of banana bread, it was having a moment! If you or your loved ones want to get back on track and eating like grown-ups instead of Dorito monsters and banana bread fiends meal prep gifts can make it easier.

Silicone Muffin Pan

meal prep gifts - silicone muffin pan

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A great way to meal prep is to use a muffin pan. Breakfast can be a hard meal to eat healthy or even eat at all, as many people are rushing around in the morning. This silicone muffin pan is the perfect way to prep for breakfast, as you can make everything from egg cups, oatmeal cups and healthy muffins. If you haven’t made oatmeal cups, this recipe is fabulous!


meal prep gifts - blender

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This blender is a great way for someone to meet their veggies and fruits requirements every day. From smoothies to soups and salad dressings, a blender is a great way to add in all the fruits or veggies you want and blend them up. A smoothie is a great way to prep the night before, as you put all the ingredients in a cup and just blend them up before heading out the door in the morning!

Salad Spinner

meal prep gifts - salad spinner

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Some wouldn’t think that a salad spinner would be a good product to get when it comes to meal prep gifts, but it definitely is. While meal prepping, you are getting your meals ready for the week. You may want a salad each day, but if you use wet salad then it will wilt as the week goes on. The salad spinner allows you to clean it, dry it and then keep it fresh all week for your lunches.

Insulated Lunch Bag

meal prep gifts - insulated lunch bag

Get it on Tophatter for around $13

You prep on Sunday for the entire week and then have nothing to bring those meals to work. Well, one of the best meal prep gifts has to be this insulated lunch bag. This will keep your lunch nice and cool for you all day long, as well as those healthy snacks you pack away.

Many states still have stay at home orders in place, but that doesn’t mean meal prep is not an option. Prep meals in advance so you always have something healthy and delicious ready in your fridge to eat. It will give some normalcy to your routine and help your body, too.

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