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daily gift happy - microwave cleaner

If there was one spot in the house that you think should be clean but is often completely dirty, what spot would that be? It could be the bathroom or toilet for some people, but for many of us, it is the microwave oven. You all know you have warmed up some soup or leftovers in that microwave and it started popping and your food went everywhere. Did you go back and clean it up? Maybe not, but now it is time to let this Angry Hot Mama do the work with this amazingly clever microwave cleaner.

Perfect and So Easy

The Angry Hot Mama is the perfect way to clean up your microwave oven. Hot steam comes out of Angry Mama’s head. That steam will help to soften up the food residue on the roof of that microwave. This will allow the dirt and stains to be wiped away for fast and easy cleaning.

daily gift happy - microwave cleaner

Get it on Tophatter for around $6

This microwave cleaner is beyond easy to use also. To fill up Angry Hot Mama, you will need to remove the hair cap. From there, fill it up with water and vinegar. Now put the hair cap back on and microwave for seven minutes. You will see the steam rise during this time, but that’s allowing the dirt and stains to loosen up. Once done, wipe down the microwave with a cloth and you should have a fresh-looking microwave in front of your eyes! Seriously, you might be shocked at how gross it was in there.

Safe and Makes A Great Gift

The microwave cleaner is safe to use, as it is made with heat-resistant materials. Since you are able to place Angry Hot Mama into the microwave for seven minutes, it is also able to be run through the dishwasher to be cleaned using the top shelf.

daily gift happy - microwave cleaner

Get it on Tophatter for around $6

It’s time to make your own mama happy, as this Angry Hot Mama is a great gift idea. You can throw it into a stocking for the holidays, as a cute little addition to any gift bag. With these microwave oven cleaners, it is available in the blue or purple dress. Buy now and help them keep that microwave clean!


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