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most reliable kitchen appliances

Stick to your favorite cooking channels and you might be forgiven for thinking that every kitchen has a food prep island, acres of countertop space, and an appliance for every step of the recipe. That’s not far off the truth. In fact, the average kitchen size in the U.S. for a home of at least 1,500 square feet is 150 square feet. When it comes to apartment living, though, kitchen space is often the first casualty, not least because we’re eating out or ordering in more. By 2030, minimal or non-existent kitchen space might be standard. Until then, save on your space with our selection of the  most reliable kitchen appliances on the market.

Take the Pressure Off With an Instant Pot Cooker

most reliable kitchen appliances - instant pot

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Imagine coming home to your apartment to find its modest space filled with the aroma of a slow-cooked stew, soup, or chilli. All you have to do is prep the ingredients in the morning, toss them in and remember to switch on the cooker before leaving. This is one-pot cooking at its finest, with minimal culinary skills required. Invest in a nine-in-one Instant Pot DUO Plus for slow-cooked dishes, perfect rice or faster-prep pressure cook recipes. A six-quart one-pot cooker from SilverOnyx gives you the luxury of setting a timer and getting on with your day. Top of the range models also incorporate an air fryer for when you need to add some crunch to your comfort food.

For Fried Food That’s Better Than Takeout

most reliable kitchen appliances - air fryer

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Particularly when your kitchen is only a few steps away from your couch or sleeping area, frying food is a challenge. That’s why you need an air fryer to cook up your wings and party snacks in a single, sealed electric appliance. A 3.5-liter Zokop AirFryer can take care of a large portion of chips or a whole chicken, without leaving a patina of grease splashed across your surfaces. As with the one-pot cooker, Deco Chef’s seven-in-one digital multi-purpose air fryer lets you set a timer and get on with other tasks. It’s a healthier and safer way to cook, too, using less oil without the risk of flash points.

Grilling Without Filling Your Space

most reliable kitchen appliances - counter-top grill

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For sliders, bacon, steaks and paninis, a five-in-one counter-top grill from Cuisinart is ideal. Thanks to the non-stick coating,  a five-serving electric grill and panini press by George Foreman is also easy to clean and won’t hold onto aromas that would otherwise infuse your apartment with cooking smells. 

Order in, Heat up

most reliable kitchen appliances - microwave

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One of the joys of moving to the city, even if it means settling for a tiny apartment, is the variety of neighborhood cuisine just beyond your doorstep. All you have to do is order it in and heat it back up. With Tophatter’s large-capacity digital convection toaster or KitchenAid’s 12-inch convection countertop toaster oven you can bring back any takeout to piping hot temperature or heat up any leftovers the next day. They can also take care of your toast and subs when you do want to prepare something yourself. Saving space is also easier when you can sling a ready meal or takeout dish into a microwave. Look for one with lower energy consumption to keep the utility bills down.

Breakfast of Champions

most reliable kitchen appliances - single serve coffee maker

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Start the day like you mean business with an all-in-one breakfast station from Courant or CUKYI. Without taking up excessive space in your apartment, these allow you to cook up your eggs, toast and even pancakes at the touch of a button, with minimal mess. If you can’t kick on without a coffee first thing, switch to a single-serve coffee maker for your caffeine fix. You can also head out the door with something healthy in your flask, thanks to a compact smoothie blender that takes up barely more room than a standard soda bottle in your cupboard.

One Stovetop Skillet for Any Job

most reliable kitchen appliances - cast iron skillet

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As any grandma will tell you, if you can only find room for one kitchen utensil, make it a cast iron skillet. Lodge’s three-quart and five-quart skillets come with lids. A single cast iron skillet will take care of the tasks a full set of pans would normally cover, from frying and braising on the stovetop to roasting in the oven. Just remember to follow proper cleaning techniques to ensure that your pan lasts a lifetime!

Moving into a tiny apartment is rather like taking a camping trip. You soon realize that if an item can’t perform more than one function, it’s not worth the space. So pack light and stay agile with these space-saving kitchen appliances.

Get your kitchen ready with these essential appliances:

  1. Instant Pot DUO Plus
  2. Zokop AirFryer
  3. Digital multi-purpose air fryer
  4. Five-in-one counter-top grill
  5. Electric grill and panini press
  6. Digital convection toaster
  7. Convection countertop toaster oven
  8. Microwave
  9. All-in-one breakfast station from Courant
  10. All-in-one breakfast station from CUKYI
  11. Single-serve coffee maker
  12. Smoothie blender
  13. Lodge cast-iron skillets
  14. Cast iron skillet


Prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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