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daily gift happy - nails dryer

Two months ago, did anyone think this would be real life right now? Our lives have been upended because of the coronavirus and the uncertainty has every one of us on edge. We don’t know where this is going to bring us or when we’ll be able to get back to the salon, so we all need to find a little daily calm in our lives. While we are staying in homes to help flatten the curve, a small but hard thing that’s been disrupted is everyone’s beauty routines. For a lot of women, the ability to get their nails done is an important kind of self-care. One way to try and keep feeling normal as possible right now is doing your own gel nails. For that, you have get an LED nail dryer.

Keep The Humor Going

nail dryer - get real ugly

As stressful as it may get at times, we all need to keep the humor in our lives. I came across this meme other day and I spit out my coffee when reading it. If you’re missing your nail tech and hair stylist, you probably will, too. With all these salons closed, things are indeed about to get real ugly out there!

Nail Dryer To The Rescue

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that can make us happy. A lot of women (and men too) enjoy getting their nails done, especially if they’re gel polish addicts With nail salons closed in most states, that means no manicures happening. That doesn’t mean you can’t take some of that extra time you have at home right now and learn to do your own nails. Help get that salon look by buying a few gel polishes online and this with this 9W mini LED UV lamp to cure it with. This starter kit of gel polishes has 20 pastel and bright shades for $36.99. Combine that with the LED lamp, and you’ll have a year of different manis for under $45. That’s a great deal even when you don’t have to shelter at home anymore.

daily gift happy - nails dryer

Get it on Tophatter for around $6

For just $6 (can you believe that price?), you get the 9W LED nail dryer along with one USB charging cable. The dryer is available in both pink and red. It has a long life, as the normal life of the nail dryer is 35,000 to 50,000 hours. With the LED light, it will help give your gel nail polish that quick dry and mega longevity that you miss from the salon.

Get Yours Now

With so many worries feeding our newsfeeds daily, it’s time to start treating yourself to something special. This isn’t a big deal, but seeing those pretty nails on your hands can help you keep your spirits up, especially when you’re washing your hands 80 millions times every day. Just slap on a new color every time you feel sad with to this nail dryer!


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